Saturday, 15 March 2014

Create a Vision to Attract What You Desire

Hello everyone, sorry we have been a little quiet around here but we have some big changes happening in our world that we are very excited about. 

We have just been offered a dream home 
to live in!!

Going back a few years Steve and I drew up a plan for our dream home with all the requirements for our life to be happy. We drew up a plan that included the size of the land, how many rooms, a great big workshed, enough room for my mother to come and live with us and loads of nature. We even drew up that our front yard was to have two driveways with a little round about right at the front door.

Over the past couple of years we have had our ups and downs, learning curves and alot of negative thoughts and beliefs to replace. During this time our dream home plans sat in a cupboard and we very rarely took it out to vision upon.

My Mother
Very recently my mothers health has gone down hill and she can no longer live on her own and I was concerned about her all the time. Where we are now there is not enough room for her to come and live with us. I felt quite stressed out and had large amounts of anxiety whenever I thought about my mother on her own. One of her good friends come to visit her the other week and took her away to the country for a well deserved holiday. When my mother come back she told us about a huge property that we could maybe move to.

After much discussion about her living with us we decided to go and check out this huge property to see if it fit with who we are and what we want in life. The only way for us to move out further from the city was if my mother come too as it would be too far for us to travel if she ever needed us. 

Off we went on a long drive from the city to the country to visit this property last weekend. When we arrived this property was beautiful at first sight, the front filled with native gum trees, two driveways with a round about at the front door, little garden nooks and plenty of wildlife. The house itself has 5 1/2 bedrooms, large kitchen with an island bench, a large living area and two bathrooms.

Walking through out the backyard was even better. It was like going on a native bush walk as the property is that large. Very close to the backdoor there is a pool, dam with ducks, a gazebo, green room for plants and a huge workshed.

Needless to say that we loved it but it did not dawn on me that it fit our dream home vision. It was a couple of days after we had been there that I went through some paperwork and out fell the drawing we had done and a huge smile come over my face. We had bought this dream home into reality! Just through detailing what we were after and clearing the way we attracted exactly what we wanted.

This is one of the biggest visions that has become a reality for us and totally fits with the whole Sustain Your Life world. I must admit it's going to be a big change for us but it's meant to be. I have big plans for Sustain Your Life and now I'll get to make then real while caring for my mother on land that we love. 

The big move will happen in a few weeks so keeping up with posts may be a tad irregular but I'm here to stay and grow with you. 

In amongst all this vision becoming a reality I have also been quietly working on an awesome garden course that I'll be releasing very soon, can't wait to get it in your hands so you can live a more sustainable life. I have joined with the lovely Marla Turner from Sacred Cyber Space to deliver a useful workshop where you can learn how to grow your food and healthy ways to eat it too.

That is all for now but I'll keep you all updated with the house and garden projects!

Thank You for Reading

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