Sunday, 2 February 2014

Decorate Your Home The Eco Friendly Way

When it comes to decorating your home there are many, many options to choose from and many choices to make.

A few years ago I wanted to decorate my home as it was not feeling like a home and decided to start looking around at what I liked. I gathered a heap of different ideas but ended up overwhelmed and never finished what I started. 

In recent years I have looked around at Eco Decor and Sustainable Furnishings. Once I opened up to the possibilities I found choosing what I wanted and getting it done a whole lot easier.

It's a pretty simple and easy approach when you do it the Eco friendly way and we will go through it in this post.

To Start   
It's wise to choose your colours as your inspiration will take care of the rest.

Next up 
Choosing natural fibers, materials and fabrics.

Some say most of the natural materials costs more but natural lasts longer and is better for your long term health.  Cheap furniture and fabrics are usually made with toxic materials, and often has a shorter life cycle so cheap is not always better.  

Quick Tips

  • Fit current furniture with natural fabrics that you wash often such as couch covers and cushions, curtains, bedding, rugs, table cloths 
  • Choose natural fabrics for tea towels and bath towels
  • Natural fabrics include wool, hessian, hemp, cotton
  • Choose sustainable wood or recycled and refurbished goods
  • Get creative!

Some Inspiring Eco Decor

If Funds are Tight

1) Go through what you already have that matches your colour pallet, group it together and set aside. Do this for each room you wish to decorate

2) Pick out what you will use from the groups then put the rest away

3) Think of ways to refurbish what you already have

4) List what you need or want to get

5) Look in your local second hand stores or go garage sale shopping. You can save yourself money and keep items out of landfill.  

Alot of people think that by buying second hand they are poor or that it is germy.  But when you save yourself money you can spend it on more healthy options like food, cleaning and personal care products.  

You can always wash and clean second hand furniture before you use it, visit our cleaning blog for laundry and cleaning suggestions. 

6) Get decorating! 

That finishes up this post and we hope you found some inspiration to decorate your home the Eco Friendly way. Remember you don't need a great deal of money to start!

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