Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Welcome to the New Year

Hello and Happy 2014! 

We hope you all had a safe and enjoyable festive season.

We had a quiet family Christmas and celebrated the New year at home with the children, (yes we party hard)  Now we are getting prepared for our son to start high school later this month.

This time of year for me is always a little emotional as it's another year gone, things are usually different from the year before and then there's the New Years resolutions and ones I didn't reach.

This year the emotions are running a little high with my son starting high school. With both our children attending high school it represents a new chapter in my life, our life, and one where I'm feeling the need to plan like never before.

Planning and knowing what I was going to do everyday was the standard for me, I always had a plan and most of the time a back up one to go with it. It made my life easier and helped me stay organised.

When my life went into chaos after the passing of my father I stopped planning and just took each day as it come. I still knew having goals,planning, and knowing my direction in life was a key to living a happy life but I just didn't do it.

Once I sat down and done one of the activities in the Gym of Greatness program I uncovered a few conflicting thoughts and beliefs around setting goals and planning. Once I resolved them I was able to find excitement around planning again and this year I feel drawn to really jump in and start all over again.

I did learn alot of lessons just through not planning so this time around I've worked out an easy approach to planning, one that does not have me under pressure, stressed out, being hard on myself, and one I enjoy.

In our New Year resolutions and Goal Setting posts we share a somewhat formal/structured way of planning and knowing your direction, although this is great material the thing it does lack is making it fun and enjoyable.

Making my goals and plans fun and enjoyable was the jackpot for me. 

In the past I had enjoyed doing it all but I was really hard on myself if I didn't reach a goal or plans didn't work out. A part of me ended up afraid of planning because I had a belief I would not achieve it anyway. I would end with a big list of things to do and although I was able to do them, the big list made me feel overwhelmed, stressed and under pressure!

But not this time!

This time I have promised myself 

  • To take it easy and do small lists - small lists are always easier to achieve
  • To make sure my actions are doable and believe I can achieve them
  • To reward myself - something I had not done often enough
  • To reflect and take in lessons- If I don't achieve plans or goals it will be Okay. I will see what I can do different next time
  • To add a whole lot of fun! 

The last one Add a Whole Lot of Fun is something new for me, something I have not done in the past. So what I'm going to do is -

1- List all the ways I like to have fun and activities I find enjoyable
2- Then go over my goals and see where I can use fun to help me reach my goals

It makes sense to me and I can see myself following through with plans if I find them enjoyable and fun.

If you are making plans for the new year yourself and share similar feelings around planning try what is suggested, you might just hit the jackpot!

If you a drawn to make some sustainable plans for the year join our upcoming
9 Day Workshop 

We have had to move the date the workshop starts to the 1st of February so there is still time to get in and do the workshop live with us!

We wish you all the best for 2014
Thanks for Reading

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