Friday, 24 January 2014

30 Sustainable Summer Living Tips

Summer is here in Australia and this year (2014) we have had the hottest heatwave on record for years. So it's definitely hot! 

Sitting under my lovely energy efficient air conditioner, so efficient that if I turn it down under 24 I get goose bumps, writing this summer post. Let's get into it!

As with our other seasonal sustainability posts we will share some effective and useful summer home living tips and activities to do during this great (but hot) season.

Health & Self Care

  • As the summer heat can cause dehydration be sure to consume plenty of fluids. Water is best and you can flavour it up with some fresh fruit or cold tea.
  • Sun creen, hat and sunglasses are just about mandatory here in the Australian summer, if you forget, you pay with sunburn!
  • If you get burnt cold Chamomile tea or Aloe Vera will sooth hot sun-burnt skin
  • Eat plenty of fresh and organic foods
  • Exercise in the cooler parts of the day
  • Use peppermint and lavender to keep away the flies, ants & mosquitoes 
  • Make up some cooling skincare products using cucumber and mint 


Home Maintenance 

  • Have proper roof insulation as this can significantly reduce the heat in your home during summer and keep it warm in winter
  • Shade all east and west facing windows. You can use bamboo blinds, a sheet, plant a tree or get awnings installed 
  • Block draughts or anywhere heat gets in your home
  • Use roof fans to reduce hot air in the home
  • Have air conditioner set between 23-26 degrees 
  • Get solar panels cleaned to get the most rewards from the sun
  • Clean roof gutters and yard to reduce the risk of fire
  • Close or block off heating vents
  • Repair any damaged fly screens
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries if needed

In the Garden

  • Mulch, mulch, mulch!
  • Move heat attracting pot plants into part shade. Pots such as terracotta can get extremely hot over summer and can cause stress on your plants
  • Water plants early in the morning or in the evening. Be sure plants have enough time to dry their leaves before the sun sets if you water in the evening
  • Do your garden work in the cooler parts of the day
  • Create shade covers for delicate plants
  • Visit here to find out what food to plant

General & Leisure

  • Look in your local directories to see what sustainable events are happening in your town
  • Try this fun and interactive world treasure hunt - Geocaching
  • Throw a sustainable get together with friends and family
  • Have a stay at home vacation where you set yourself up to not do a thing other than have fun
  • Go for a swim
  • Spend evenings at local parks and reserves

Don't forget to join our workshop and make this year a sustainable year!

We hope you enjoy your summer and stay safe.

What do you do over the summer to keep cool?

Thanks for Reading

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