Saturday, 19 October 2013

Why We Have Chosen to Sustain Our Life

This post is an update about us and the plan for sustain your life, it gives you a chance to get to know us more and find out where sustain your life is headed.

We have been a little hesitant on sharing ourselves with the world, and I mean world with the readers we have from all over the place. 

It’s a truly wonderful feeling knowing and seeing people here, interested in creating a sustainable lifestyle! 

So we made a pledge to share more of the real, ridgy-didge us, and the Sustain Your Life plan!

If you are wondering what ridgy-didge means here it is – Australian colloquial term meaning genuine and used in a reference to gold.

(It’s one of our goals this year)

We are so happy to have you here and hope you enjoy getting to know us a little more.

About Us
We have updated the about us page letting you know more about our world, you can find it here.

We are making changes to our website and have uploaded some
"NEW Free Resources", you can find them here

Our Journey into Sustainable Living
Our short version of our Journey into Sustainable Living can be found on the about us page, I could go on for hours explaining every way sustainable living has improved our life but I won’t take up your time here today. (Maybe another day)

The tip top reasons we have chosen this way of living is to be happy, live healthy, be resourceful with our income and improve the health of the environment for our future generations.

We have been through many life lessons when it comes to living an unsustainable lifestyle and have worked out a simpler way of living.

We thought with just how much sustainable living has improved our life it does not seem fair to keep all this good living to ourselves so that moves us along to.....

The Creation of Sustain Your Life
We were trying to figure how we could blend our passions for a living so they could become a sustainable career choice.  We love everything to do with nature and assisting others, and we wanted to do something big to benefit the world. 

This leads us to ...

The Big Why
To surround ourselves with health while caring for the environment
To show our children how to follow their dreams and what they believe in
To do the work we love where passion is our drive

To share how others can create a healthy and sustainable life
To see humans, animals and nature flourish and mature at optimal level

Vision for Sustain Your Life
A community where everyone learns, benefits, and grows sustainable!

So keep your eye out for-

  • Upcoming Workshops
  • More Free Resources 
  • Community Group/Forum
  • Free Product Testing
  • and More!

We hope you have found sustain your life useful when it comes to creating a sustainable lifestyle and stick around for a big bright future!

Thank You for Reading

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