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Review - Gym of Greatness Mindset Program

Last year I joined the Gym of Greatness Mindset Program and I had been meaning to write up a quick review (first one ever) to let you see if it's something you would like as I think it's a very valuable program.

Here it goes...

In 2012 I went to a four day business seminar where I first discovered how to run a business online. It was quite an experience, with all the different ways you can do business online. Some of it was totally against my values but I learned a fair bit while there. 

There were over 10 different speakers offering something fantastic for business growth but I knew I was at the very beginning so I didn’t fall into the sales trap.

Out of all the speakers only two stood out, Steven Essa and Rich Waterman. Steven was offering a fantastic deal on promoting your business through webinars and I was so drawn to his stage presence that I nearly joined just to be around his energy.  

But the other one that stood out was Rich. (some of you may know him from the free videos I’ve shared) 

He offered something different, something sustainable!

He offered powerful tools, knowledge, and techniques that sustain your mindset. I have done alot of personal development but thought 

“Hey, I need this at the moment” 

and knew that Steve (my partner) and the children would benefit from this as well.

Out of all the business offerings, I knew that to really keep you following your dreams or keeping up with your work in the world you need a positive mindset. You can have all the business in the world but without a positive mindset it won’t sustain itself.

Like I said before, I knew it would benefit my family as well so it was a pretty easy choice.

I joined the program and jumped straight in! 

This is what I got in the full program

  • Many different mindset modules to learn at your own pace 
  • Regular webinars  
  • Regular group chats
  • Workbooks and Newsletters
  • One on One coaching
  • Workshops 
  • Plus the opportunity to network and maybe meet a great associate/friend like I did
  • and more

While in the there, I had the opportunity to meet great people and to freshen up my mindset skills plus learn more. I also found Rich to be a genuine person with high integrity. 

One person I met in particular helped nudge me to start sustain your life. I had been thinking about it for a couple of years and just didn’t do it. When I let the group know I wanted to do it, this person come in like a wind of positive energy and encouraged me to get it done. (I thank her often in my gratitude) 

So I did and here we are, in 2013 and I’m very glad to be here and hope you are too.

I now have a bigger toolbox to fit all my awesome mindset goodies, things to share with my children that will sustain their mindset, I’m more content and have sustain your life!

Alot of the learning for me was about re-training my thoughts and beliefs as I had let them slide quite a bit. I’m not perfect and sure do have my bad days but it’s always useful to have tools on hand.

If you see within my story there is quite alot of good value to get out of this program, even if you have business or not these types of skills, tools and learning can stay with you for life. 

My Star Rating (1= Poor / 5= Great) 

4/5 Stars

(as it was still in the beginning phase)

If you are concerned about cost there are many payment plans to choose from!

So to recap what I got out of this program 

  • A big energy boost
  • New associates/friends
  • To freshen up and learn new mindset skills
  • Tools for me to use any time I want
  • Knowledge to pass on to my children 
  • Steve (my partner) worked on his issues
  • Online business knowledge and tools
  • Confidence in myself
  • And sustain your life

What I love the most? I can handle almost any situation without losing the plot! 

Just to make it even here are some of what I found to be downsides

  • You have to access most of the program online
  • It was mostly male energy (at that time)

And I want to let you know that this program will not benefit you unless you put in the effort.

But if you are wanting to follow your passions or revamp your mindset this program is well worth investing in, especially if you feel you need something like this. There is much more to the program than what I got out of it like awesome phobia cures, NLP techniques and more!

Check it out here - The Gym of Greatness

Or watch some of his free videos (if you haven't already) 

Values & Fulfillment Video
Goal Setting Video

P.S. I may get affiliate monies if you join through my link :-)

I hope you liked my first ever review and remember that your mind is very powerful so make sure you use it to your best advantage.

Be positive
Thanks for Reading

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