Thursday, 17 October 2013

Handy Hints for Creating a Garden

When it comes to starting a garden most people think it’s alot of hard work and very time consuming. This can be true if you start a large garden but small gardens are easy to maintain.

What’s even better is starting a sustainable garden that you use to grow food and house native wildlife. 

There are a heap of rewards for growing your own garden, it can be beneficial both physically and mentally. 

If it’s your first time starting a garden this post is for you, and for those who are pro gardeners share this with those you know to inspire them to start one of their own.

Okay, let’s get on with it!

There a few factors to take into account when creating a garden and going over these steps can save you alot of time and money.

The Plan
It is wise to start your garden with some plan in mind. It can save you a heap of time and stop you from going around in circles.  Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you start.

What do I want in my garden?
Will it be a container garden, a backyard garden, a sustainable garden?
  • Do I want flowers?
  • Do I want vegetables?
  • Do I want herbs?
  • Do I want any bushes or trees (shade)?
  • What theme and colours do I want?

Once you can answer these you can go into your garden to see if you already have some of these to work around. If you already have bushes and trees, you can work around them.

Remember with planning a garden it does not have to be expensive. Other than clippings, there are various recycled items you can use to create a garden. If you do an internet search on recycled gardens, you are sure to find some inspiration. 

Take your time with this part as it’s easier to swap your ideas around before you put your plants in place.

Pick Your Spot
Depending on what plants you would like in the garden it is good to spend a day seeing where the sun shines at different times of the day. 

Plants require different amounts of sun, some like morning sun, some like afternoon sun and some like all day sun.  Note down your findings or take pictures throughout the day.

Getting Things Ready
Depending on what type of garden you are planning be it a container garden or a backyard garden there are a few things to get ready.

  • If you are doing a backyard garden you would need to give it a good clean out and mark out where your plants will go.
  • Place your containers into position or get the ground ready so you can go about filling them with good quality soil.
  • If you are planting food be sure to use good quality soil in pots and your patch
  • Have your garden equipment ready
  • Have plants, seeds and water ready to go

Just do it!
Put in your plants or seeds. If your plants will eventually need support with stakes as they start to mature, add them now. If you add them later you may destroy it's roots.

Give them a good water and talk to them often to help them grow.

Care & Maintenance
Now you have created a great new garden for yourself.  We say you celebrate by having some guests over and show them what you have accomplished. Maybe you might entice them to do it themselves.

Make sure to take care of your garden by watering often and keeping up with feeds as this will strengthen your plants and make them resilient to bug infestations and disease.

Weeding often helps to prevent bug infestation and disease; also it keeps your garden looking pretty and worth showing off.

Nature is forever teaching so you will learn as you go, you may make mistakes and be sure to note these down in a garden diary so you will not make the same one twice.

Equally, note down any success that you do have so you can share them with family and friends.

Most of all enjoy your garden and good luck with any future plans.

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