Saturday, 26 October 2013

Connect With Nature

So here we are on earth, the only planet with air to breathe, liquid water to drink, and temperatures that are just right for life as we know it. 

Not only does earth have the right atmosphere, it has everything needed to produce and grow life. 

Then there is us, humans, full of wonder and untapped potential. We are quite capable of understanding how nature works if we only take the time to seek it out.

We have four basic needs which are

  • Clean air
  • Clean water
  • Healthy food
  • Medicine
  • Shelter

Earth provides everything we need to sustain our lives, we use its resources to live our everyday lives and humans have developed many a great things but producing an unhealthy polluted planet is not one of them. 

Because our existence depends on our planet and its climate, we need to understand how what we do affects the Earth. If we (and our children’s, children) wish to live long healthy lives we have to start to take some responsibility at some point or the future looks pretty bleak. 

Now we know we cannot change the world overnight but we can change our immediate environment in which we live in.  

By taking action in your own home, you can start to create a healthier environment for yourself and your family, save some money, have an overall better quality of life, and help make the earth last for the next generations. 

One key reason to take care of this earth is that it takes care of us and it really is up to us to make things last.

A Story I have Told Before  click here to read

Indigenous people of Australia had totems given to them (some still do but not many), they had to care for it and make sure that their totem survived for the future.Totems were usually a part of the land, a plant or tree, an animal or water.

They knew that without these resources we would suffer.

Now things have changed alot over the years and we have many people living here on this great land called Australia and the world.  We need to share the care of the land with everyone so the land continues to care for us. 

Going back to how they lived we can get some great ideas, like totems. If we can start to practice this by picking an area below to work on and make some changes, we will be making a lasting difference for the future. 


1) Do the tree of life meditation
2) Every day this week go outside and look, see, feel, touch, hear or smell one of the following

Animals & Insects
Play with your pet, go for walk and notice animals in nature or listen to the sounds

Go for a walk or ride along your local creek or beach, go for a swim, take notice how much you use water every day

Go outside and let the wind sweep over all of you with your arms up, notice how it circulates clean oxegen, dry your clothes or makes plants and trees dance

Plants & Trees
Download our Garden Starters Checklist and just start to be friends with plants, note it's medicinal benefits, hug a tree and feel it's energy, plant a seed and be grateful for the air we breath

Soil & Earth
Get your hands in the dirt and be grateful for what it produces, walk around your local area and notice rocks or caves and maybe explore (with safety precautions in place) Look at how it holds us all

  • Write a note or any understandings or take a picture of your experience, good or bad, as this will help you find a totem. 

3) After your time spent everyday in these five areas go over your notes- 

What made you the happiest?

This is your totem for as long as your at Sustain Your Life!

You can now learn all you can about your totem, find out where it comes from, why we use it and how we can help (in your local area or somewhere you are drawn to).
The understanding will come in time.  

Your Helping Hand
Trace your hand and write in your fingers 5 things you can do to help your totem and the earth.  This is your helping hand.

Let us know how you go and what totem you have chosen, just leave us a comment below! 

Thank You for Reading

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