Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Sustainable Career Choice

For quite some time I have been thinking about my career. With the children growing up fast and starting to create a little life of their own and my partner Steve going from his own business to a team environment, it has left me feeling a little lost.

What to do with myself?

I have been in home business with Steve for so long that going to work for someone else in a 9-5 job really makes me feel squeamish. 

I also know that to love your work you have to do what you love!

Sustain your life is a pool of all my passions, I really enjoy writing posts for you, hopefully teaching you something new and benefiting your life in some way. But it does not create an income.

We are getting by on the income we have but it is not a large amount, we save alot due to living a sustainable lifestyle but I’m after something for myself, the work that only I can do in this world.

To me a sustainable career choice would be to follow my passions, it would give me a greater chance of  fulfilling my dreams and sustaining my happiness.

I am not looking for a career of my own to boost income for fancy stuff, useless goods, or selfish reasons. I wish to have my own career so that I can serve this world in some positive way and to show my children that following their dreams are not a fantasy and that it can be done.

We have shown them in our way but now my daughter is teenager I feel the need to show her what I can do on my own and let her know if she wants to follow her dreams that it’s doable. Even if you are one person and female.

My children have had the experience of watching both Steve’s sisters grow in their passion and both are doing very well. Neither of them could imagine working against their dreams.

My family on the other hand are a crazy bunch that I love dearly but there is a whole lot of negativity that has stopped any of my family members following their dreams or even admit to their passions. (Yes I’m the black sheep and I’m sure they think I’m crazy)

So now I’m stuck between putting all my energy into my passions or looking for a placement where I could see myself happy and willing to promote another business.

If it does not fit with my values I will not promote it, simple!

One bonus of working for someone else is that I could give them a sustainability assessment and provide an action plan to follow to ensure they are taking steps to be natures friend. I must admit that thought is quite exciting!

Mmmm what to choose, I’ll get back to you on that.

If you have any thoughts on what would be a sustainable career choice leave a comment below


If I was to put all my energy into here what would you like to see, experience, feel or learn?

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