Monday, 21 October 2013

10 Creative & Free Ways to Teach Your Children About Nature

Our son Ben in his favourite tree

Getting your children out in nature can be a great occasion; they can learn lots about the world and themselves. 

It also gives them the chance to breathe fresh air and get much needed vitamins from the sun. (An extra bonus is that it tires them out)

In this post we go through creative ways to get your children out in nature to explore and learn about the wonders of it all.

1) Have picnics outside, go for walks and teach them about nature, all is beauty and all it’s dangers.


  • The sunrise and sunset
  • How trees help us
  • How food grows
  • Helpful reptiles and insecsts
  • How animals live
  • All about water
  • And more


  • Dangerous or poisonous animals
  • Lightning and storms
  • Fallen branches on a windy day
  • Magpie safety (Our son has been swooped a few times this year)
  • Local swimming safety
  • And more

2) A way to get children involved with the planting and growing process is to give them a plant of their own, this not only shows them how to feed themselves down the track but also shows them how to care for things in their life.

It could be a vegetable, herb, flower or a hardy succulent. Good plants to grow are-
  • Beans
  • Lettuce
  • Strawberries
  • Parsley
  • Jade
If you do some seed saving or get some clippings from a pre-grown plant, this can be done for free.

3) Start adventure days where you pick a local area to explore. Discover local wildlife, edible and non-edible plants, how the settlers survived and so on. 

4) Get your children to sit outside and imagine there were no houses, then have them think of ways to survive in nature.

How would you build shelter?
Where would you get water?
How would you keep warm?
What would you eat?

This can be quite fun and it gets your children’s imagination going. You can even camp out the back to get a real sense of what it would be like.

5) Make art out of things in nature or about nature, there is a range of projects you could try

  • Drawing or painting
  • Collage using leaves, bark, flower petals etc
  • Make art in nature - create a picture on the ground using nearby rocks, leaves, branches and so forth, then leave it there

6) Go for hikes or bike rides along popular tracks. Take notes of what you and they found interesting, if it was a fun track and others things that come to mind.

7) Have a nature hunt where you list 10-20 things for your children to find in a certain time. 

8) Have a photo fiesta – go out in nature say to a beach or large park/gardens and take photos of everything. Close up and far away, looking down and up, and family selfies of course. Put them together as a photo book on your computer.

9) Start Gaze- Go outside at night and look at all the bright shiny stars, you can also teach your children about space and the stars. 

10) Create a special space in your backyard just for family hang out time. Have somewhere comfortable to sit, some sports balls or outdoor activities close. You can talk about nature, how it makes you feel, or something special you saw or play games such as I spy

That wraps up our children in nature post, we hope you find this useful and gets you to find ways to let your children learn about and enjoy nature. You could even inspire a future earth warrior, where they help care for the land.

Thank You For Reading 

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