Friday, 5 July 2013

How Can Sustainability Be Included In All Areas of Life?

I have often been asked how sustainability can be included in all areas of life so I wrote this post about it. 

I’m sure alot of you already know the meaning of sustainability, it’s something stable and long lasting. You can apply this to your life by learning new sustainable ways and practicing sustainable habits that improve your life in a holistic way. 

If you take the holistic approach and look in different areas of life, there are ways to incorporate sustainable living into them that actually produce good results, not a hard or hippy way of life.

The following is a short list of ways to incorporate sustainability into different areas of life.

First up would be to think sustainable when making purchases, read the following for out top tips

Sustainable Thinking
25 Ways to Save Money While Shopping

Next would be ways to incorporate sus living into the rest of your life and think of ways to get the most value out of activities with minimal spending and impact on the environment.

Going off the wheel of life this is what we come up with.

Personal Development

  • Sort out your wants from your needs – and purchase your needs first
  • Have some written sustainable goals and stay focused on them
  • Look for ways to learn for work exchange
  • Don’t try to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. It’s not worth the stress and won’t make you happier in the long run
  • Look for bargain hobbies such as reading & gardening


  • Eat organic to feel great and save on future health costs
  • Know the difference between cheap food and quality food
  • Minimise chemicals and detox your home to improve long term health
  • Volunteer at a local community garden for regular exercise and fresh food
  • Exercise for free at local parks. Get a friend or family member involved so you are not alone
  • Drink plenty of filtered water


  • Things that sustain friendships – staying in contact, not judging, acceptance.If you practice actions that sustain friendships, you can reduce stress levels in the present and future. People will talk good of you, and friends will be there when you really need them.
  • You can opt for nights or days in, like a movie night and instead of paying top dollar for tickets get some friends or family together and share what you have. Make it a regular occurrence by going to different friends or families house, be sure to have sustainable and healthy snacks
  • Dinner nights – Take turns going to friends or family members house for dinner. You also have them at yours! You can make it that it has to be healthy and sustainable dinners 
  • Book and toy swaps
  • Garden swaps – exchange home grown plants and food
  • Bike rides, picnics, sports days, walks, adventure days where you go somewhere new on the least amount of transport.
  • Exchange business services


  • Have a home detox to improve the health of your home and reduce environmental impact
  • Clean your home using natural products to prevent contaminating waterways
  • Recycle and be resourceful to save money and keep waste out of landfill
  • Take sustainability to work with you
  • Get out in nature and explore or learn about a local areas flora and fauna 


  • If you are a business owner there are ways to make your business sustainable and reduce your impact on the environment, click here to read more
  • You can easily take sustainable living to work with you, click here to read more
  • One of the best ways to sustain your career is to choose one you are passionate about. One where you learn, grow and enjoy what you are doing


Fun and Leisure
Take what is in the family and friends then add
  • You can find some cafes, bars, restaurants and so forth that have a green living approach. Knowing where the produce has come from and how it was produced. Find them and plan to only go to them.
  • Catch transport to where you are going or carpool 
  • Look for coupons or deals for the activity you plan to do – if you wish to go deeper, look for coupon places with a sustainable mission.
  • (For mainly women but some men) DIY pamper nights - Take turns giving beauty treatments.You can make family pamper night where you massage and pamper your children and partner, best part is they can do you back!


  • Volunteer at a local community project, you get to learn something new and be of service in your community
  • Donate goods you no longer need to charity
  • Assist injured wildlife
  • Don’t litter
  • Live a sustainable life to improve environmental health for the future!

Well that wraps up the short list, I hope this explains how sustainability is more than just the environment; it can include all aspects of your life and can dramatically improve all aspects your health.

There are many more ways to includes sustainability in your life, have some fun and come with some of your own. Feel free to share them here!

Thank You for Reading

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