Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Key To Sustainable Living

During our journey into sustainable living the number one, tip top, key piece of information that can really improve the quality of your life, is

If you put your time, energy and funds to good use, you can create a sustainable life!

One of the fastest ways to do this is by cutting out wasteful actions and habits.

Many of us can be wasteful, and not just in litter, we have found there are a few main constants in life where wasteful habits reduce the quality of our life.

The good thing is, if we simply swap to resourceful habits and actions, it can greatly IMPROVE the quality of our life.

Learn how! 

First up is to explain what we mean by constants – A physical constant presence!

So with that being said

Constants where we can have wasteful habits or actions 

  • Time 
  • Money
  • Energy & Good health 
  • Food and material goods
  • Good relationships

And overall 

  • Our life

Now rather than me explain how or where we can be wasteful with these constants, you can go over them and think of where or how you are wasteful.

If you find that you are being wasteful just plan to swap to resourceful habits and actions to improve the quality of your life.

Here are some of our resourceful ideas-

Get productive
Use time management

Purchase wisely (this can save you time)

Make sustainable money choices 

Energy & Good Health 
Sleep, eat, and treat yourself well
Practice healthy habits

Food and Material Goods 
Invest in quality goods
Service and repair goods
Preserve food for as long as you can
Make compost 
Buy only what you need

Good Relationships 
Practice actions that sustain relationships
Cut loose and don’t waste time on bad relationships

Our Life 
Face your fears
Do the work you love
Look for the good in all things
Be real and be yourself

Cutting out wasteful habits and actions saves time, money, energy, relationships and can really improve the overall quality of our life. 

All of the above are interconnected and by working on one, you work on another.

Tip - The more you can reduce your waste in just time, money, and energy , the more you can resourcefully use these to create the life you desire.

So a quick reminder

If you can put your time, energy and funds to good use, you can create a sustainable life!

Do you think reducing wasteful actions/habits can improve the quality of your life?

Let us know your thoughts!

Thank You For Reading

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