Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ways to Bring Your Goals To Life

Life is art, what will you create?

Keeping that in mind 

Start to create your life now!

What you focus on you can achieve so focusing on and creating something based around your life goals will affirm them and bring them into your life.

How would you like your life to be?  

Follow our five simple steps to goal setting and discover 16 different creations you can make based around your goals.

Step 1. 
Get into a state of excitement and activate the action part of the brain by asking yourself these following questions

What do I want?
What are my goals?
What would you like your life to look like 1-5 years?

You can also base your life goals around the sustainable wheel of life  and be sure to read our goal setting article.

There is an Australian guy who has created a program based around setting out to cross goals off your bucket list, check him out here - The Bucket List Guy 

Simply by doing the above you start to grow your goal list.

Step 2. 
Write down your life goals for each area, you can do this for whatever time frame you please. Doing them each year can be a fun and gets you to reflect upon your accomplishments and lessons quicker than you would if done for a five year time frame.

Step 3.
Visualize having or doing them, your subconscious will believe it and your conscious will set out to get it.

Step 4.
Say them loud and often to affirm them.

Step 5. 
Create something to bring your goals alive and here to stay. 

Everyone has different ways of learning, remembering, and giving meaning so it's key to create something with what you enjoy the most.

Ask yourself what you like.

Bring Your Goals to Life Using

If you like words, you can

  • Write power words for every goal and create a poster
  • Write them in a word document and view them often
  • Create a digital picture with power words to set as your computer background
  • Create artwork to hang on the wall
  • Record yourself affirming your goals

If you prefer sound, you can 

  • Group together songs and instrumentals that make you feel your goals
  • Record yourself affirming your goals with instrumental music in the background

If you are visual, you can

  • Create a poster with pictures of your goals
  • Create dream boards with your children.
  • Create a family dream board  
  • Make a movie with film and pictures. Add your own voice recording and chosen music

Hands on Approach
All of the above gets you to use your hands but you can

  • Create a garden or pot plant to remind you
  • Plant herbs to eat often as a reminder
  • Sculpt with clay or other moulding mediums
  • Make art work with textures and things to touch
  • Make a keyring

Combine all of them to give your creation more energy and meaning!

When your dreams are visually set in front of you, they serve as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve and keep your goals alive.

Tip- Use recycled materials to make your creation

Enjoy bringing your goals to life and be sure to share with us what you like to create.

Thank You For Reading

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