Thursday, 27 June 2013

25 Easy Ways to Save Money While You Shop

When we go shopping there is usually something that catches our eye that's not on the shopping list, then the urge begins. 

If we get the item it results in overspending and requires a budget re-arrangement.

If we don't, we feel the excitement leave.

To prevent this in your life and save you a heap of stress follow these simple ideas to keep you on track.

Shopping is a necessity but if we plan carefully and only go shopping when we need we can reduce our spending significantly so here is our first tip -

1. Make a plan and stick to it!

Know what you are doing, where you are going and what you need to get.

One of the best and most simplest way to avoid overspending is to also be wise with what you take-

2. Take a shopping list
3. Leave your credit cards at home
4. Only take enough money for what you need
5. Do your best to leave young children at home with adult supervision (we still get "I want" when we take our children shopping)

Other ways to avoid overspending

6. Limit your time in the store, no browsing
7. Buy in bulk
8. Wait for sales
9. Avoid retail therapy, choose a less money hungry hobby instead
10. Don't go shopping while you are hungry
11. Avoid ATM fees buy using your own bank. Those little fees add up over time.
12. Many stores offer web-only discounts so stay up to date and follow them on social networks and sign up for newsletters
13. Sign up for good value customer reward programs
14. Shop at discount and warehouse stores
15. Walk or ride to the shops when you can

16. If the urge is strong and you actually really want it, wait three days and ask yourself -

Do I really NEED this?
Can I make or grow it?

17. If you go shopping with friends and family try to go with the ones who wish to save money. You can share tips, the cost and borrow from each other rather than buy.

When shopping for clothes, toys and furniture there are several extra ways to save yourself some money-

18. Purchase second hand
19. Organise a clothing and items swap with family and friends
20. Shop out of season
21. Pay cash and haggle the price
22. Always try clothing items on before you buy, many a time have I got something off the rack to only find it does not sit right when I get home
23. Save up to purchase good quality products
24. Check your receipts and be sure you have been charged accordingly

25. Know your weaknesses and shop accordingly

The most important is number one, if we give ourselves a little bit of self discipline we can achieve our money saving goals.

Live prosperous

Thank You For Reading

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