Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rejuvenate Yourself

There is always something to do, places to go and people to see and if we don’t take care of our mind and body our lives can spiral out of control. To assist in prevention of a downward spiral be sure to take time out for yourself to rejuvenate and just enjoy your life.

Even if it’s a short time, it can bring huge benefits to your mind, body and soul.

Following our dreams, creating steady income, keeping home, caring for family members, pets and children can get pretty hectic and we have often forgot to take timeout.  The consequences of not doing so influenced events in our life that were not all that great nor rewarding.

Sometimes it takes nearly hitting the bottom to realise rejuvenation is needed. I’ll share here what we do (and more) to rejuvenate and keep on walking.

Take whatever feels right for you, add your own, and create a list of ways to rejuvenate yourself. It’s handy to keep this where you can see it so not to forget that it can be needed or even merge rejuvenation time into your daily, weekly or monthly routines.

Sometimes just remembering there are plenty of ways to rejuvenate energises me and maybe you too!

8 Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself

1. Get Centered

Practice yoga
Do the tree of life visualisation
List what you are grateful for
Focus on the now, the present moment

2. Care for your health

Eat healthy food
Take vitamins if your body needs it
Drink more water or nutrient packed juices
Simple exercise
Practice deep breathing
Go swimming
Give yourself adequate rest and sleep
Use natural skincare
Clean with natural products

3. Relax & Unwind

Have a complete lazy day in your PJ’s doing what you love
Sleep in
Have a relaxing bath
Listen to your favourite music
Go floating (where you just let your body float at the top of the water in a pool or the ocean)
Get a massage

4 .Give yourself some love

Replace negative self talk
Write positive notes to yourself
Be kind to your body
Learn to forgive
Go on a holiday or retreat
Dress in your favourite clothes
Spray yourself often with a pleasant and uplifting essential oil mist
Treat yourself to an outing with your favourite people
Spend quality time with loved ones

5. Use your senses

Set up a nook in your home filled with things you love to look at
Go to an art exhibition
Eat your favourite foods (if unhealthy eat in moderation)
Drink your favourite drinks (if unhealthy drink in moderation)
Smell beautiful smells- flowers, food, herbs, essential oils, nature after it rains
Feel beautiful textures- fabrics, leaves, flowers, paint, gel, water, food, clay, sand
Listen for beautiful sounds

6. Spend time doing what you love

Practice your favourite hobby
Start a new hobby
Watch a movie
Turn on the music and dance like no one is watching
Learn something new
Play with the kids

7. Spend time in nature

Go for a walk in nature and take in the beauty
Start a garden
Sit around a BBQ fire toasting marshmallows and fire gaze
Spend some time with animals
Explore somewhere new
Go camping
Go to a park and swing on a swing
Have a picnic

8. Do for others

Teach your children
Assist a friend with something
Care for your elders
Hand write a letter to someone listing all the things you like or love about them and physically post it
Donate goods or money


Whatever feels right for you now go do it or plan to do it very soon.


Close your eyes and scroll up and down on the mouse
Stop whenever you please
Open your eyes and see what you notice first
Whatever you notice go do it or plan to do it very soon


Write your own list
Close your eyes and place your finger on the list
Open them and see where it’s placed
Whatever your finger is on or closest to go do it or plan to do it very soon

Whatever you do, rejuvenate yourself often!

Thank You For Reading

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