Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Make a Conscious Shift

You will find that you will be drawn to those things you are focusing on. 

Do you find yourself using negative self-talk or focusing on negative outcomes? 

If you do try.... 

The conscious shift!
By replacing negative words and thoughts with 3,5 or 7 positives you can reprogram hard wired negativity. 

Did You Know?
If you focus on the negative for just 3-5 minutes it destroys the positive - that is how powerful the negative is.

It is the consumer of success! 

Replacing negative thoughts is easy to start, a bit of work to continue, and has huge rewards.

1. Do a crap list- Write down all the negative thoughts you have
2. Do a crap replacement list- Write down 3-7 positives for every negative

Example Replacement

Eliminating Poverty- A form of negative thinking as it’s focus is on poverty

Replace with

Creating Wealth- A form of positive thinking as it’s focus is on wealth

Be sure to replace any negatives with positives you can believe and work on any you can’t. Your beliefs come from your subconscious and your conscious is what you think of as you. Sometimes they can be quite conflicting.

When you get your conscious to work with your beliefs, you can create success!

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To lean more read - How Thoughts Affect Your Life

Catch Yourself in Negative Thought

Write it down so you are aware of it and replace it. 

Keep an elastic band on your wrist and every time a negative thought enters your mind ping the band on your wrist. This will associate a negative thought with pain, as most of us do our best to avoid pain we are more likely to avoid the negative thoughts as well.

If unable to be positive just simply start to think of the opposite of that negative.

I'm tired - replace with - I’m full of energy!

Create something with your positive replacements and goals in it. Keep this creation where you can see it often.

What to Create?

  • A word document or power point presentation
  • Record yourself saying all your positive words 
  • A video
  • Art work

To bring your goals to life click here

Reprogramming hard wired negativity - It can happen, look at examples of others who have done it, fill your mind with achievement, and believe you can do it.  

Did You Know?
Positive thinking extends your life span by two or more years so being positive really does sustain your life!

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