Thursday, 21 March 2013

Have Focus Like a Tiger

Staying focused can be a difficult task in this busy world. There is always something that catches our eye, inspires us, irritates us or just gets us carried away.

We can end up with a mountain of unfinished goals and tasks simply because we lost our focus.

In this post we will look at focus through the eye of a tiger!

Tigers are amazing animals they are playful, graceful and beautiful to look at. They also have a fierce side where they are strong, methodical and have a firm eye on the target when hunting for food. 

We can learn how to focus and stay focused through studying this awesome animal and we will share what we discovered when we looked through.....  

The Eye of a Tiger
Shannon Laver

The tiger awakes and has a stretch, she walks around her land and checks on her family.  When she feels like it she plays with her cubs while showing them how to stay strong. 

While wandering she scratches her claws upon a tree to keep them sharp and ready to use.

In the hot afternoon sun she rests under the shade of a tree to build her energy for what activity needs to be done when the sun fades away. 

Night time comes and she leaves her family to hunt, she checks the perimeter and stays withing her boundaries. She leaves knowing what her ultimate goal is - to provide for her family.

She walks keeping her eyes wide open in search of her target. Once she sees it she gets prepared, crouching down, ready to slowly move towards her target.

Once close enough, and she feels the time is right, she sprints as fast as she can and pounces. Using her claws to grab a hold of her target she claims it as her own.

She is happy as she had not reached her target in days. She indulges in her reward and heads home to share with the rest of the family.

When she arrives home she is greeted by everyone and they acknowledge her achievement.

She then goes to relax knowing her task is finished for the night. She sleeps to wake up to a brand new day.

Within this short observation there are gems that we can use when it comes to focus. Before you scroll down to read what they are have a closer look and see if you can find them. Note down what you find.

Here's What Gems We See

The tiger always has time to make sure her body is flexible, her environment is safe and her family is healthyShe has quality time with the cubs and teaches them what life is like. 

From this we can take - Always have time exercise, your family, time to relax, a comfortable environment, time to play and have some fun.

During the day she sharpens her tools so they are ready to use when she needs them. 

From this we can take - Keep your mind tools sharp and ready to use when you need. Focus takes alot of mental concentration so it's wise to develop skills that will take you towards your target as opposed to letting your mind wander.

She makes sure she builds her energy knowing what she has to do. 

From this we can take - Care for your health, feed your body what it requires to give you the energy it needs to reach your target.

She has a pre-set structure and she is aware of her boundaries. She keeps her mind focused on the ultimate goal. 

From this we can take- To have a structure or schedule in place where you only spend a certain amount of time working towards your target and nothing else, no distractions. Be aware of your skill level and set the time accordingly. Keep in mind your ultimate goal as this will push you further.   

Her eyes are wide open and she gets herself ready for the task.

From this we can take - What ever you are working towards get yourself ready, pump yourself up to keep your mind on the task at hand. Put your head down and let nothing get in your way. Little steps add up to big steps.  

When the time is right she strikes with everything she has got.

From this we can take - When you have your head down put in all the effort you have to complete the task. Only have your eye on this one task. 

She is happy she has caught something as she had not caught anything for days.

From this we can take - Sometimes we don't reach our targets as fast as we would like or completely miss. It's important you don't give up but be happy with what you have achieved so far. If you have put in all you got reward yourself for steps taken.

She heads home to share her achievement with her family

From this we can take - When we reach our target it's always more exciting when we share it with others and celebrate.

She then goes to relax knowing her task is finished for the night.

From this we can take - After you have put in all you got stop and go to relax with your family or take a break. At night go to sleep knowing you have achieved what you set out to achieve or certain you are moving towards your target. 

That's the end of focus through the eye of a tiger, we hope you liked it and got some good tips to keep you focused. Let us know what gems you got by leaving a comment below.

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To learn more about tigers check out Sir David Attenborough's documentaries.

Update - This song come out after I wrote this post but had to put it with this, soooo powerful!

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