Friday, 8 March 2013

9 Sustainable Money Solutions

Wouldn't it be great if we could go back to bartering and sharing instead of needing to create cash for our living?

Those good old days are gone, some still practice that way of living but in this day and age we need money in order to get by and live. 

The most basic needs we have are to

  • Provide a roof over our head 
  • Pay utility bills 
  • Put food on the table
  • Put clothes on our back and shoes on our feet
  • Have personal care and cleaning products to keep us clean and healthy

If you have a family and pets there are extra needs such as child and pet care, education, sporting activities, medication for when ill health strikes, car payments and petrol, transport tickets, emergency savings and the list goes on.

Money can determine how we live, what we do, and influence just about every decision we make. 

We have two children, pets and a home so we know the cost of living can be quite high, especially if you want the finer things in life.

Wouldn't it be awesome to create and hold onto more money? 

It can be done with a little shift in thinking and some change of habits!

First up ask yourself these questions

Do I look at my finances and know exactly where my money goes?

Am I creating enough income to support my lifestyle? 

If your answer is no move onto the next set of questions (if you can get your head out of the sand) 

1. Do I have limiting beliefs or fears around creating a sustainable income?  
In some cases it can be the way you think about money, for example if you see money as a dirty object or believe it's only for the greedy or the extra smart people then you will have a tough time creating it let alone keeping it. 
Money fears and beliefs are conditioned as a child so if your parents or other adults that you grew up with were not good at managing money they were unlikely to pass good habits on to you. This is why we may have blocks to making and keeping money and most of the time we don't even know it. 
It can be helpful to list your thoughts about money and see where you may need to make some changes. We had some major money blocks that we both were unaware of until doing this easy practice.

Helpful Resources

2. Are my current lifestyle choices creating debt?
To put it plain and simple if you are living large from a small income you are bound to create huge debt. Either plan to make more money or swap your habits to fit your income.

Look into debt consolidation or seek a mentor that can assist you in reducing your debt.
Helpful Resources
Another option for reducing debt is
3. Can I downsize my material goods to increase my income level?
This is where you have the option to downsize and fit your income. Do you have a large home for one or two people, if you sell a large home and move into a smaller home you can make money from the sale and reduce your utility costs. 
Do you really need that expensive car, do you really need to go shopping at top designer shops or can you get the same thing for less, do you shop for groceries at the markets or a supermarket, the supermarket will always cost more. Sure you can get things cheap at the supermarket but what quality are they, will they sustain your health?
Take note of where you could downsize to reduce your debt. 

P.S. Mindset can come into this as well, if you need the latest trend to feel good about yourself, or show off, there may be some inner work that needs to be done. You can get assistance with this from the free video in question 1.

4. Are there any ways I can make extra money?
There are various ways to make some extra income even if you have a current job. If you are an expert or specialise in a certain field you can sell your knowledge. If you are good at making things you can sell them at local markets and stalls. You can promote and sell other people products for a commission.
Think of ways you can create extra income and set out to do them. We have plans this year to have a stall at one of our local markets where we will be selling artwork, booking local people for sustainability assessments and spreading the word about Sustain Your Life.

5. Can I get a promotion in my current career?
Are you able to ask your employer for a raise, work out why they should give you one and approach them with some irresistible offer.

6. Are there any skills I need to increase my income?
Could you get some extra education to raise your level of income and get that raise you are after.

7. Can I sell things that I no longer need?
If you have goods around your home that you don't use and are collecting dust why not sell them. There are many places you can put your goods up for sale
  • Ebay
  • Gumtree
  • Local paper
  • Trash and treasure
  • Hold a garage sale
8. Are there ways I can save money?   
Here are our top tips for saving money
  • Buy items in bulk and wait for sales
  • Car pool to work or catch transport if it works out cheaper
  • Make your own cleaning, skincare and pest control products
  • Shop for groceries at the local markets 
  • You can definitely cut costs on utility bills by reducing your use, download our free money saving guide to get you started

9. Are You a Business Owner 
Look at your marketing plans and see what works best and what needs to be changed. Having clients is your ultimate goal so take notice of how you drive traffic to your business.
We can go deeper into creating more money from your own business in another post, today is about the everyday costs of living.

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Make a commitment TODAY to be aware of your spending habits and change any that do not help you create a level of income you wish to sustain.  
If you are one of those people with your head in the sand take it out, stand up tall and take responsibility for your finances. Make some plans and set some goals, if you need assistance with this you can watch a awesome and free goal setting video or read our goal setting article to help you make plans you will stick to.
We hope you find our 9 sustainable money solutions useful and even start to create prosperity in your life. Let us know how you go and even share some sustainable money solutions you have.

Thank You For Reading

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