Tuesday, 4 September 2012

10 Steps to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Ready To Take Some Action?

Here are some of the easiest steps to take towards sustaining your life and the environment. 

Go through the list to see what you are already doing and what you can start to implement.

Reduce Waste and Recycle
Reducing your waste and recycling are a key component to sustainability. Modern day consumption is at an all time high and reducing yours can have a positive effect on your mind, your pocket and the environment.

Stop junk mail- put a no junk mail sticker on your letter box. Opt for online catalogs and paperless billing. Cleaning out your online mail can save you time, stress and dis-organisation.

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Conserve Energy & Water
Do your part to conserve energy and water, you can save up to 70percent on your bills. By choosing natural energy and reducing your energy use it stops tones of carbon dioxide and green house gases entering our atmosphere.

Drink more water- Water is a vital resource and one that has many health benefits. Plastic water bottles create heaps of waste per year with less than 30 percent being recycled. One of best easiest ways to drink more tap water is by installing a water filtration system.

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Detox Your Home & Land
Having a safe and environmentally friendly home has amazing benefits. Plastic and chemicals are common these days and causing wide spread health issues. Cleaning up and clearing out the chemicals in your environment will do you a world of good.

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Eat Local & Organic Food
Eating local organic produce helps the community, lowers emissions, helps to lower contamination from pesticides and boosts your health. Even better, why not grow your own.

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Green Up Your Transport
Taking care of your car, riding, walking and carpooling are easy ways to commute in a sustainable way. For long travel  purchase carbon offsets which invest your money into alternative energies.
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Take Sustainability to Work
You can still be sustainable when you are an employee or start to take some steps towards a green business if you are a manager/owner.

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Small steps for business 


Make Sustainable Purchases
The next step in sustainable thinking is taking a closer look at how thoughts and choices impact the greater environment.You might be surprised to find out that if we simply stop and think before we act, we can have a positive affect on our immediate and greater environment.

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Sustainable Purchasing
Ethical Shopping
Stop Animal Testing  


Educate Yourself
As you are practicing sustainability in your life, you may have more questions so always keep on learning.  Get yourself some books on sustainable living, watch movies, read articles and search you local papers to see what’s going on in your area with sustainable living.

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Connect With Others
Buy connecting with like minded people you will get more ideas and tips for sustainable living. Join groups and online forums, search sustainable social networks or visit your local community gardens.

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Spread The Word
By spreading the word and sharing what you know with others you can start to make a difference to your and the greater environment

  • Take some time to think of 3 people you think could benefit from the information found here and share Sustain Your Life with them to help get word out that anybody can make a difference!

We hope you find this information helpful and useful, but most of all we hope you take action.

Thank You For Reading

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