Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sustainable Transport Tips

Here are some simple ideas that you could use to reduce your fuel consumption . 

You may have heard of them before and if you have, call this a refresher. 

Try to use your car less by

  • Riding your bike to work
  • Ride your bike to friends and family’s houses if they live close
  • Carpool with others
  • Catch local transport
  • Walk to the shop instead of drive
  • Let your children walk or ride to school

The best benefit you get out of this is the exercise, we all know that regular exercise is great for our health.When you ride a bike it reduces pollution, increases your health and saves you money.

Car Care 
By taking care of your car, you will ensure that it is running healthy and you won’t be wasting money on an expensive service or repairs later. You will get better use out of your car if it is kept well.
  • Keep your car well serviced
  • Make sure you have the right pressure in your tyres
  • Be sure you have enough oil, water and fuel 

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