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45 Ways To Recycle A Milk Bottle

Milk bottles can be a fun and useful reuse item, there are many things you can do and make with them. We have put together 45 ideas that are likely stir some creativity.

Games (children & adults)

1. Good old bowling- put some rice at the bottom of the bottle to stabilise and make it harder to knock over. (you can put toilet roll holders at the top to make them taller)

2. Golf- Cut the bottle in half and lay one half on its side, try and get the ball in the hole.
You can also dig a small hole in your yard and place the bottom half of the bottle there. (cut to what size you like) and practice putting.

3. Catch- Cut two bottles in half and use the ends with the handle to play catch (with a tennis ball)

Craft(children & adults)

Cut bottles in half and use the bottom end to
4. Hold paints and brushes

5. Pencil holders

6. Flower vase- cut to different sizes and stick bottom half to a small block of wood

7. Remote holder – made same as flower vase

8. Use as a magazine rack- Cut several bottles at a tall length and stick the bottom ends to a piece of wood or metal --->

Other craft ideas are

9. A piggy bank- cut a small hole (big enough for coins) on one side then use paper mache to build up the body. Use the lid end as nose (and a way to get money out)When dry paint like a pig.  

10. Gift Baskets- Cut to size (big or small) make a handle and decorate.

11. Photo frame- cut top and bottom parts off then cut along one corner. Open it up and you have four squares to decorate and stick photos on. --->

12. Magnets- Use old magnets to make new ones, could be a good fundraising idea. Cut out shapes and decorate. Stick old magnets on the back.


13. Dirt shovel- cut like in picture  

14. Watering can- Pierce some holes in the lid, fill bottle with water, place lid back on and pour over your plants.

15. Drip water system- Cut in half and use the top end (with lid off) to push into the ground, this will catch water to release slowly into the soil.

16. Privacy screen- cut the ends off several bottles and stick them all together. or See picture --->

17. Seed raising pots- cut in half and use to raise your garden seeds

18. Hanging plants- cut bottle to size then pierce some holes in the bottom for drainage. Put four holes in the top of the four sides. Cut four pieces of strong string, thin rope or wire and join them at one end. Attach the other ends to the holes in the top sides of the bottle.  Put in small plants and hang up. 

19. Peg basket- Made the same as baskets in craft.

20. Look-a-like rocks- stand on the bottle to squash slightly.Push areas back out but leave some areas dinted in. 
Fill with water then paint with a environmentally friendly undercoat paint. Paint whatever colour you want to match your garden, you can add sand to the paint to give a rock effect.

21. Garden edging- Fill bottles with water and place on their side, next to each other, as garden edging. You can also cut to size and dig into the ground upright.


22. Spice holder- cut in half and use bottom to hold spices together

23. Rice holder- wash bottle out with some salt and warm water, rinse until water is clear. Wait until dry then put rice in there. It is great for pouring desired amounts without the spillage.

24. Ice packs- ¾ fill with water and put in freezer. Use to keep food cool in eskies and lunch packs.

25. Fruit holder- cut bottom off a large milk bottle and use as fruit tray.

26. Plant trays- made same as fruit holder. Put at the bottom of plants.

27. Pot pourri holder- cut to size and fill with herbs, flowers and essential oil

28. Recipe holder- cut long way or upright. Put in dividers of breakfast, lunch, dinner.

29. Funnel- cut top off bottle and use as a funnel --->

30. Hold bi carb in the fridge- cut in half and use bottom end

31. Draw organiser- create a draw organiser that fits your draws perfect. Cut bottles into different sizes both long ways and upright. Move around in draws until you hit the spot then stick them together that way.

32. Bowls for mixing and cleaning-  cut in half to use for mixing skincare and cleaning ingredients also holding water for cleaning.

33. Herb rack- Cut several bottles and stick the bottom ends to a piece of wood. Place a few rocks at the bottom, fill with dirt and plant your favourite herbs to keep in the kitchen.

34. Extra measuring cup- handy to have an extra measuring cup on standby. Cut bottle to size then using another measuring jug tip water into bottle and mark levels as you go.

35. Chip Holders- for extra chip bowls at parties cut one side of the bottle off and fill with chips  


36. Hold your homemade washing liquid and softener- CLEARLY LABELED

37. Washing powder scoop- cut top off bottle and use as scoop for washing powder.


Cut bottle in half and use for
38. Paint and brush holders

39. Nuts and bolts

40. Funnel- made the same as kitchen funnel, use to transfer small bits to other places.
Eg. Nails into a jar

41. Tool holder- made the same as flower vase or magazine rack

42. Dry dog food scoop- made the same as garden shovel


43. Hold water- keep water on standby in your car, never know when your car will need it.

44. Bin- cut to a tall length and use as rubbish bin

45. Tray- cut to size to make trays or cup holders for various items.

That appears to be a heap of items you can make just from reusing milk bottles.  We are sure there are many more so if you have any other ideas to add please share them here. 

Wonder what you will make?  

Thank You For Reading

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