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Combat Colds and Flu the Natural Way

When it comes to winter the common cold and flu tends to spread around, although there is no cure for these you can take a more natural approach to combating these. Most doctors just prescribe panadol, maybe some vitamin C and cough mixture, using these can be of benefit but why not choose to use some of nature’s gifts as well.

Herbs, fruit, water, honey and essential oils can help boost your immune system and sooth common ailments that accompany the cold and flu. Eating the right foods and getting plenty of fresh air also helps.

First priority is rest
Be sure to get enough rest for your body to overcome the invasion. The chances of infection are heightened by stress, exhaustion, other chronic illness and depression- all of these lower your immune system and weakens your bodies fighting ability. If you have a job where you are unable to have time off be sure to take advantage of the advice given here, it will help you soldier on.

  • At the onset of a cold start adding plenty of freshly squeezed orange juice to your diet.
  • When cooking your daily meals add plenty of fruits, vegetables and eggs as well as garlic and onion.
  • Boost your meals with some of the following herbs listed.
  • Drink at least 6 glasses of distilled water a day. To learn more on how important water is for our health and the best water to drink visit our water blogs.

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Fresh air
If you feel up to it sit outside for 10-15 minutes per day and have some windows open slightly. The fresh air from your windows will help circulate clean air and push out the contagious particles. Burn some essential oil in an oil burner to help clear the particles in the air as well.

Steam inhalation
You can inhale steam to relieve a stuffy head and nose. Half fill a bowl of boiling water, put a towel over your head to trap the steam and inhale for a few minutes at a time. Add some herbs or essential oil to the water to enhance the benefits.

If you are not suffering from high temperature having a nice warm bath can sooth aching muscles and induce relaxation. A warming footbath will assist as well.  Thinking positive thoughts while you do this can help clear a stuffy head. Add herbs or essential oils to the bath to enhance the benefits. Wet wraps which is cloth soaked in herbal water or water with essential oils can assist a high fever, chest pain and aching muscles. To learn more about how hydrotherapy and wet wraps works visit our 
All About Water- Part3

Sometimes our bodies are not strong enough to combat the cold or flu, this is usually due to having a poor immune system. Poor immune systems can be caused from stress, poor diets, lack of exercise, depression and various chronic disease. It can be good to add a muti vitamin and mineral supplement to your diet. Taking vitamin C on its own will not do much as vitamin C needs other vitamins and mineral to be broken down for the body to absorb the goodness. This is a good option if you need to continue working while suffering from the cold or flu. Always talk to your doctor, naturopath, or a dietician before adding these to your diet.

Essential oils
Essential oils that help combat cold and flu are as follows-


antibacterial, a decongestant,  can help break up mucus in the chest, relaxes tired sore muscles.

Spike Lavender

Relives stress and depression, antiseptic and good for skin ailments- example heat rash and many more! (spike lavender gives of a lovely smell as opposed to your standard lavender)


Fights free radicals, inflammation, bacteria and fungi. On top of this it relaxes the muscles (used and tested with wonderful results) acts as a decongestant. Can be used as a throat gargle in herbal form(fresh herbs)!  


Aids digestion and clearing of nasal cavity, full of natural vitamins but one you need to talk to your doctor about. Can interfere with common medication.


Antiseptic ,and bacterial properties, a digestive aid, High in vitamin c  


Reduces fever, has strong antiseptic properties, great for asthma and other chest problems


Reduces inflammation, stimulates the appetite, acts as a stimulant that induces relaxation, eases headaches and pain.

Here are some ways to use essential oils for cold and flu-
- Put some drops in a oil burner
- Put some in a bath and relax
- Make a air freshener and spray every 4 hours. Visit our cleaning blog to find out how to make this.
- Clean down areas in your home such as doorknobs, cupboard handles, and toilet seat using the room spray

Herbs that combat colds and flu are as follows-


Detoxifies the body and protects against infection by enhancing the immune system. Helps with blood circulation, asthma, cancer, heart problems, digestive problems, liver and yeast infections, Virtually good for any disease or infection. Use garlic as much as you can!


Reduces fever, has strong antiseptic properties, great for asthma and other chest problems


fights inflammation in the chest, reduces spasms and cramps. Strong in antibacterial and antioxidant effects. Very warming and  helpful for many ailments.


This is where we can go crazy, many of us do not understand the greatness of parsley! I single this out for a reason.  It has all the vitamins you search for, parsley works  at cell level.  . It can stop cancer tumours and other cancer causing growths. It expels worms, relives gas, stimulates normal digestive functions and freshens the breath.. It helps your liver, kidney, lung, stomach and thyroid glands. Great for an overall immune system boost. On top it can help regulate high blood and low pressure, kidney disease and prostate disorders.   Add parsley to all your food, forever and a day!  If we could recommend any herb it would be Parsley, it is the best!


Fights free radicals just like the others but when you combine the effects this can be a major free radical, which means that the foods you eat is not eating you.  Awesome for a hydrotherapy bath clears contaminating air Bourne particles, make all your  muscle pain disappear.  Rosemary is used to detox the mind, what do you want to let go of? 


 is used for relaxation. Chamomile is my next best herb, chamomile sorts out all the natural stuff that we can’t sort out!

Mint &

Aids digestion and clearing of nasal cavity, full of natural vitamins but one you need to talk to your doctor about. Can interfere with common medication.  Great for steam inhalation.


Aids digestion, clears mucus from the air passage, combats infection and good for a stuffy nose. Great for steam inhalation.


Stimulates the central nervous system, reduces hot and cold flushes, beneficial for mouth disorders such as tonsillitis and sore throat.

Here are some ways to use herbs for cold and flu-
- Make a herbal tea to drink
- Tip a cup full of herbal tea into a bath and relax
- Make a bath wrap using a piece of fabric filled with herbs and tie it at the   top.
- Add herbs to cooking

Make your own cold and flu syrup
With the healing properties of all those foods and herbs why not make your own immune system boosting syrup, it is easy and can be very effective. Most children will enjoy taking this syrup as well. You can use any of the above herbs, although we do not take eucalyptus internally, this is what we make-

Fresh squeezed juice of two lemons
¼ cup of pure or Manuka honey
½ tsp of fresh parsley
½tsp fresh mint
½tsp grated fresh ginger
½ tsp of chamomile
Put the above in a pot and bring to the boil, remove from heat and let cool. Strain and put syrup into a glass jar. Seal well and store in the fridge to last longer.

This recipe is for children but for adults add 1tsp of each herb and a shot of scotch or brandy once cooled.

Ways to use the syrup
Take 1tsp of syrup every 4 hours
Put 1tsp into a cup with a black tea bag and add boiling water. Wait until cool and sip slow.
Add 1tbsp to a footbath to warm and moisturise you feet.

Although it may seem like a good idea do not have a massage while you have a cold or flu. Massage works by enhancing the circulation of your blood and if it contains a virus, it will affect your heart alot quicker.

Another area to take notice of
When we are struck down with a cold or flu it is usually a sign that we are not caring for ourselves properly or trying to avoid an issue or just do not know or understand ourselves enough. This is present in life where other people you have been around do not develop the disease as you have. Some people can live the most healthiest physical lifestyle but still get struck down with something, this where an open mind can assist.

Our mind is a powerful tool that we have only just started to understand. For years it has been stated that our mind-body connection is very strong and that our thoughts can affect our body, in turn our health. What we share here is from The Body Is The Barometer Of The Soul by Annette Noontil, other related teachings are You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and metaphysics. 

Areas of thought that we can look at when we get a cold or flu are-

The chest- feeling suffocated, submission or giving in to someone else’s needs, not doing for yourself.

Coughing- not only do you want to get rid of the virus, which is the body’s natural defence but you want rid of doing for other people and start doing for yourself

Headache- limitations, holding onto limitations and not seeing any good in your situation. Even thinking you are better than someone else, depending on where the pain is.

Nose blocked or running- not enjoying yourself, this applies to sinusitis as well. Or not satisfied with what you have done.

Sore throat/loss of voice- not speaking your true thoughts or beliefs, feeling like no one will understand what you say and even thinking it’s not worth speaking because no one will understand.

High temp- You are maybe getting steamed up or something makes you boil, not wanting to be told what to do (hence doing for yourself)

Perfectionism is one main culprit of stress and a rundown immune system, hence the cold! In today’s world we tend to answer to our boss or our family, even our clients and sometimes forget about ourselves. The true answer to wealth is health, if we have health we have a long way to go!

All in all we wish you health and wealth that comes with it. Take care of you so you can take care of the world!

Stay Well & Take Care

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