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Why Live a Sustainable Lifestyle?

Here are some great benefits of starting to sustain your life

In the home

  • You can save money on your bills, gift giving and more, all through being  resource efficient
  • Help reduce debt
  • Healthier living: eating organic foods and using eco friendly cleaning products and other natural home products is going to have a positive effect on your well being and the well being of your family.
  • Possible weight loss and increased fitness
  • You can free up your time by being organised and having less to clean and clear
  • Have the knowledge that your family is in a safer place
  • Gain a greater appreciation for what you already have (people, places, and things)
  • Reduced waste
  • Sometimes you can even make money! 

In business
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Reconnection with your local community 
  • Gain a competitive edge - build your career with eco awareness  
  • Reduced waste  

  • The feeling of being part of something worthwhile
  • By acting responsible today, you can help ensure resiliency and health of the earth for future generations
  • Feel good about your eco achievements  

Through taking care of yourself and your family you end up caring for the greater environment!

A step back in time
In Australia Aboriginals have been living here a long, long time. They have always had a deep connection to the earth because it provides us with everything we need to live.

Land – We live on it every day, grows trees, flowers and plants to help our air, grows fruit, herbs and vegetables we can eat, makes clay for us to use, grows medicine plants for us to use

Water – We drink water every day, helps plants and trees grow, use to clean our food and bodies, animals drink it to stay alive,

Air – Helps us breath, helps animals breath, trees and plants keep our air clean,

Plants and trees - trees and plants love to make nice clean air for us, we get food from plants and trees, we get medicine from plants, flowers, and trees, we can build shelter from trees,

Animals – We use animals for meat to eat, use their skin as clothes and blankets to keep warm, parts of their bodies were, and are, used as tools example: kangaroo vein use for fishing wire/string because it is very strong.

They had totems given to them, they had to care for it and make sure that their totem survived for the future.  Totems were usually a part of the land, a plant or tree, an animal or water.

Things have changed alot over the years and we now have many people living here on this great land called Australia.  We need to share the care of the land with everyone so the land continues to care for us.  

Some of the food aboriginals ate
(Before shops were invented and the land was contaminated)

Fruit and veg


Wild tomatoes
(Underground food)


Honey from bees
Honey ants

Creeks and rivers supplied healthy fish to eat and lots of other food too.

The Present
In most parts of Australia we are unable to just walk down to the local creek and get some food to eat, not only because some areas are protected but if we did we could get sick from the contaminants in the land.

We all can make a difference and keep our land healthy through taking sustainable steps at home. It may not change the world but it can benefit our immediate environment.

You can help create a cleaner, greener environment, here are three areas we can make a difference-

Energy Consumption
What is it?  How does it affect the earth?
We all remember the ad on TV about the black balloons and that too many of them hurt the earth.  All our machines create energy and energy creates warm black gas that we cannot see, like black balloons.

These black balloons are bubbles of gas that is very warm, called carbon dioxide.  The pollution from cars and factories blocks the carbon dioxide from leaving earth and the carbon dioxide is making the earth hot. 

If you have not seen the ad watch it here-

Trees and plants are always working to clean the gas and pollution out of our air, but we are beginning to use to much energy for the trees to clean.

Through making simple changes at home we can reduce this effect and save money at the same time.

Where does water come from?

Water comes from the earth’s ocean. The sun heats the water to create hot steam that lifts into the air. When the hot steam mixes with the cold air it creates clouds that drop the water back down to earth.  Victoria has dams that catch the rain water for us to drink. Water companies clean the water and send it through underground pipes to our house.

Water is a vital source of life on this planet and there is only a small percentage of water that is safe to drink to find out more visit our water blog

If you look around your home and gather all your cleaning and personal care products this can equal to a heap of contaminants entering our waterways. Once these enter our waterways, they contaminate the life that lives within it. By choosing environmentally friendly products we can help keep our waterways clean. Read these articles and find out how

Making your own facial care products

To take an extra step and reduce your water use you will not only respect this important resource but you can save yourself some money visit here to find out how- water wise

Now we come to waste. Most of the materials that move through our modern economies are only used once, and then thrown away. This is a waste of resources and is very unsustainable. We can make a difference here by being more mindful of our purchases, when purchasing materials look for environmentally friendly and long lasting materials.

Resource reduction can save you money while you help keep the environment clean. It’s a win-win strategy. If we buy less, we spend less, at the same time fewer products need to be manufactured from limited resources and stay out of landfill.

If we shift our thinking away from the idea of limitless resources to an efficient, sustainable use of resources, we can make substantial progress in reducing waste.

To find out more visit here- waste wise

An unpleasant truth
What happens if we continue to live in a unsustainable way?
We will be stealing resources from our future generations and natures animals. It may not affect us now, it’s more likely to affect our future offspring. That can be quite a chilling thought but you can make the choice to live a more sustainable life for your health and the health of the future

Totems for you and your children
Going back to how the aboriginals of Australia lived we can get some great ideas, like totems. Aboriginals had totems given to them, they had to care for it and make sure that their totem survived for the future. If we can start to practice this by picking an area below to work on and make some changes, we will be making a difference for the future. Pick one of the areas as your totem


You can now learn all you can about your totem.  Find out where it comes from, why we use it and how we can help.

Your helping hand
Trace your hand and write in your fingers 5 things you can do to help your totem and the earth.  This is your helping hand.

Let us know how you go and what totem you have chosen, just leave us a comment below!

Thank you For Reading

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