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Clear Out The Toxins In Your Life With a Home Detox

We spend a heap of time in our homes, we eat sleep entertain and just live. Many everyday items can add toxins to our life and has an impact on our health. Chemical and toxin exposure is much higher than what it was for our grandparents which means we are at a much higher risk of health issues.

Chemicals in cleaning products, food production and skincare, even ones we use on and feed our babies, are accepted here in Australia and worldwide.  With manufacturing at high demand more and more manmade materials and chemicals are being used as nature cannon provide a natural source at the same rate.

There are some rules that only a certain amount of chemical are allowed in a product, but over time, which many do not know, builds up in our system and causes catastrophic results in some cases.  Cancer, skin disorders, depression even what doctors say is stress can be the result of using chemicals in your life the list goes on, look it up. 

It is time we take charge of our life and determine what goes in and out of our lifestyle.  Big companies have all the sales tactics you can dream of, they fill you with benefits, it will fix this or that, it will enhance this or that and it’s for their own good not yours.

Children are more at risk as their body is still growing and chemicals can even have an effect on an unborn child through chemical cleaners, additives in food, pesticides used in food production and basic household materials.

Just when you think life is great and you get struck down look at what you have in your life, it could be what is in your cupboards. If we were to take a good look at the big picture and add up all the toxins in our life it could be scary but you can reduce this a great deal just by giving your home a detox.

Prevention is the best cure, don’t wait until it’s too late, take action now!

The food we eat
We will start with food as this is an everyday requirement. Choosing healthy food is a great option for good health but if it has been sprayed with chemicals or fed hormones and such, in the end works out to be toxic and not healthy. Being more aware and wise in your food choice can make a big difference, here is a general guide -

  • Read labels on food packaging
  • Buy packaged food that has less than 10 ingredients
  • Book- Additive code breaker, by Maurice Hanssen & Jill Marsden
  • Find out where your fruit and vegetables have been produced, and what with
  • Choose free range and chemical free meats and dairy, Australia is still working on the laws and policies with this. All the more reason to get informed.
  • Choose additive free drinks and organic tea and coffee, visit our water blogs- Part1 & Part 2
  • Grow your own and raise your own
  • Practice organic garden methods

Cleaning can be the next largest area we introduce chemicals into our life. There are many natural alternatives to use for cleaning which we suggest in our enviro & human friendly cleaning blog or download from our website. Children and pets are at more risk when using chemicals for cleaning as they are more closer to the floors we clean and put more things in their mouth. If you choose to purchase commercial products always choose earth friendly products. Here are some extra options – 

  • Open doors and windows often to let in natural air
  • Keep heaters and air conditioners clean and dust free.  Have these appliances regularly serviced
  • Prevent mould growth with regular cleaning
  • Dust often to reduce allergies
  • Use a natural air freshener as suggested in our cleaning blog
  • Keep plants in the house to help filter toxic fumes 

Children and pets
Children and pets do not have a choice as to what they are fed or the toys they play with, it is our responsibility to provide them with these. Packaged, processed and plastic substances really only provide them toxins, long term health can be enhanced by making some informed choices. Here is a general guide –

  • Feed children good food as suggested above
  • There are many pet cooking recipes and information out there to use
  • Get toys that are made from natural materials, if toys have a strong plastic smell it is a good sign of toxic chemicals
  • Use natural cleaning methods as suggested above
  • Use organic garden practice
  • Use natural personal care products which we suggest below

Personal care products
Personal care products are used regularly and mainly on a daily basis. Chemicals enter our body through the skin and can stay there for many years. Over time these build up and cause major health problems. This is another area you can choose to go more natural, there are many alternatives which we suggest in our skincareblogs or download from our website. Other products that we can swap for natural are as follows –

·         Shampoo and conditioner
·         Hair dyes
·         Toothpaste
·         Soap
·         Deodorant
·         Bath products
·         Makeup
·         Nail treatments

Choose plant based natural ingredients, your body will thank you by rewarding you better health.

Furniture, linen & clothes
When buying furniture find out what it was made from and how it was treated in the process. Choose natural fibers, materials and fabrics, some say this costs more but natural lasts longer and is better for your long term health.  Cheap furniture and fabrics are usually made with toxic materials so cheap is not always better.  

  • Fit current furniture with natural fabrics that you wash often such as couch covers and cushions, curtains, bedding, rugs, table cloths
  • Choose natural fabrics for tea towels and bath towels
  • Choose natural fabric for clothing
  • Natural fabrics include wool, hessian, hemp, cotton

If funds are tight and you need these items quickly look in your local second hand stores or go garage sale shopping, you can save yourself money and keep items out of landfill.  Alot of people think that by buying second hand they are poor or that it is germy but when you save yourself money you can spend it on more healthy options like food, cleaning and personal care products.  You can always wash and clean second hand furniture before you use it, visit our cleaning blog for laundry and cleaning suggestions. By cleaning out your closets, you will reduce your washing loads as well.

Most of us use our cars every day and it is another place we are exposed to toxic materials. Here are some simple steps you can take to minimise this exposure - 

  • Fit cars with natural materials such as natural fiber sheets over the seats, make sure you wash them often
  • Spray and clean cars with natural products, visit our cleaning blog
  • Make your own natural air freshener balls, the recipe is below

Air fresh balls for the car
6 tbsp of flour
3 tbsp of vodka
10 drops of essential oil

Wear gloves- Put the essential oil into the vodka then add to the flour, mix well.  Tip out onto a floured surface and knead into a dough. Break up dough and roll into tiny balls.  Let dry for 3-7 days. Put these in your car wrapped in light fabric or put in an empty ashtray.

Building and renovating
When building and renovating, build and renovate for the future. By making your home more sustainable, you can save yourself money over time and your home will last longer. When taking up this task follow these simple ideas and educate yourself on sustainable materials.

  • Choose lead free, plant base paints
  • Choose sustainable materials
  • Choose chemical free, plant based sealants
  • When buying products only buy enough for the job so you do not have to store it away
  • Give extra materials away to friends and family that could use it
  • Dispose of waste and chemicals appropriately

For more information visit here
or call global lead advice & support service on 188 626 086

Household pests
As many of you are aware, household pests are very annoying and can cause health issues.  Treating them with chemicals should be a last resort and not the first choice.  There are simple actions you can take to prevent pests from entering the home, follow these guidelines –

  • Keep your home clean
  • Keep meats, cheese and other items out of compost, visit our blog to find out more
  • Keep your yard clean and tidy, pests love dark places to hide and breed
  • Grow herbs around the home and scatter them in places pests like to live, such as in the shed or roof
  • Use essential oils to keep them at bay
  • Use natural pest deterrent options

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You don't have to do all this at once just go through different sections and do what feels right.

“ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Benjamin Franklin

Thank You For Reading

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