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Sustain Your Heath - Simple Exercise

One of the best ways to keep healthy is regular exercise.  Alot of people cringe at the thought of exercise but there are many different ways to do this. We all do not have to train like we are about to enter a marathon so here are some simple ways to keep yourself fit.

It is always best to start your exercise in the mornings, before you eat breakfast, especially if you’re exercising to lose weight. As a general rule twice to three times a week is enough to keep you healthy, although light exercise is better done every day.

Simple morning stretch
By doing stretches in the morning you allow your body to fully wake up and get ready for your day. 10-15 minutes every morning should be enough and can reduce the risk of injury throughout the day.

Simple breathing techniques
Alot of us do not breath properly, we tend to only use the top of our lungs in small short breaths. By learning deep breathing techniques, you end up using all of your lung capacity and can feel refreshed and energised.

Going for walks can be great it can give you a chance to get out in nature and maybe meet your neighbours. When I go for a walk I like to look at all the different gardens, trees, wildlife and make sure I say hello or give a friendly smile to whoever I see. A 20-minute walk is enough to get the heart pumping and gives you a small cardiovascular workout. If you like to walk fast start off with a slow pace then build up to a fast pace, finish off with a slow pace again. It is important to let your body adjust so it does not go into shock and build up toxins in the muscles, with any exercise it is better to slowly stop rather that an abrupt stop.

Follow these guide lines as a general rule
Warm up- stretch or walk at a slow pace
Full exercise- walk fast or jog
Warm down- stretch or walk at a slow pace

Yes housework is a form of exercise, some of you may be surprised but you can knock out two jobs at once. Chores such as vacuuming, mopping the floor, hanging out and folding the washing give various parts of the body a workout. Take a look at our environment & human friendly cleaning to give you an idea of a routine.

Ahhh the garden, one of my favourite places to be.  Just by walking around your garden to inspect for pests or weeds gives your body a little workout. Spending an afternoon planting, weeding, mowing, and other garden tasks gives your body a great workout. Gardening can also be very therapeutic as it gives you a chance to forget about your worries or concerns in life and focus on the beautiful and abundant way of nature. If you would like to start a garden but don’t know where to begin visit our garden starters blog.

Tai chi
This is a soft and gentle way of doing karate, alot of the slow moves if done fast result in karate. This is a great option if you cannot do vigorous exercise and can leave the body feeling refreshed and energised. Look in your local papers or check out your community centres for classes.

This is one of my favourite forms of exercise, there are many levels starting at beginners right up to advanced. Yoga gives you chance to quiet the mind and really feel your body, sometimes it even incorporates breathing techniques.

Swimming is a great way to exercise, it uses just about all the different muscles in the body and is good for your breathing. If using swimming as a vigorous form of exercise follow the guidelines for walking.  Sometimes it is just good to float around feeling totally weightless, very relaxing.

Bike riding
This is another simple form of exercise, you can work in bike time during the week by riding to the shops, instead of drive, or ride you children to school. To keep motivated ask friends or family to join you.


As you can see exercise does not have to be scary or hard, like we said before we all don’t have to train to go into a marathon but regular exercise doing the above is enough to keep you fit and healthy.

Make sure you fill up on your fluids with any exercise, water is important for our overall health, to find out how check out our water blogs.
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A healthy diet consisting of the various food groups also assists our health visit our health blog to find out more. A quick way to replenish your body after exercise is by eating a banana and having a protein drink such as Sustagen.  

It should be simple enough for you to pick three forms of exercise, from the above list, to incorporate into your life, you will be rewarded. Remember to keep positive and look at exercise as a good thing, not something you see as a chore. You will get more out of it.

Good luck, take care and enjoy your exercise time.

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