Thursday, 17 May 2012

Part 3. Make Your Own Facial Products

One of the natural wonders of nature is that everything flows with teamwork. By combining ingredients together, they act as a team to keep your skin fighting fit. Here are some extra goodies for your facial products. You can combine the ingredients to suit your skin type and never use chemicals again.

All herbs have their purpose in the world, they are extremely versatile and can be used in cooking and in skincare recipes.

Lemon balm- is antiseptic, soothing and healing. It can be used to treat sensitive blemished skin. It can be used as a toner, and wiped over the face after cleansing.
Lemon grass- used on oily skin to normalise excessive secretions. This can also be used as a toner.
Mint & peppermint- very refreshing for the skin it has a cooling effect. It can relieve skin irritation, inflammation and skin itch. Useful on all skin types.
Rosemary- is helpful for devitalised skin. It has antiseptic, deodorant, healing and stimulating properties. It can improve blood circulation both inside and out.
Sage- is a great herb, it has antiseptic, soothing and healing properties. Good for oily skin with pimples
Thyme- another great refreshing herb to use on the skin. Good for oily and dry skin, use in an aftershave splash or balm and used as a toner. Read this article on thyme, it was a great day for thyme!

A easy way to keep herbs for the use on skin is to-
  • Pick a fair amount of fresh herbs you will use in skincare preparations. This is best done in the morning before the sun shines on them, you will be getting the benefits of the dew left on the plants.
  • Wash them to get rid of any bugs that may be hiding
  • Place in a blender or mortar and pestle, add a little distilled water and mix until it forms a pasty substance. Add more water as needed.
  • Place in a ice cube try and freeze
You will have access to your choice of fresh herb at any time.

Fruit & Vegetables
They are a complex blend of natural substances such as proteins, vitamins, acids, enzymes and water all of which are good for your insides as well as your skin.

Avocado- is rich in natural oils and good for dry skin.
Lemon- the acidic juice is anti-bacterial and astringent making it useful for treating oily and blemished skin.  Do not use undiluted. 
Paw paw or papaya- used as a gentle exfoliate as it contains natural enzymes that have the ability to dissolve dead surface skin cells.(one of my favourites)
Peach & pear- sooths, softens and hydrates the skin.
Potato- soothing and works as an anti-inflammatory.  Calms puffy eyes and reduces bruising.
Strawberries- are soothing and toning.  Strawberry leaves can be made into a water infusion and used on oily and blemished skin.
Watermelon- soothing, toning, and hydrating to the skin.  Useful for normal-oily skin.

All these are best used straight away and would not suggest freezing. You can keep batches in the fridge for 3-4 days.
Face pack
Here is a wonderful face pack that you can use and tweak to your skin type.
  • 2Tbs of herbs- mix it up by adding 1Tbs each of different herbs
  • 1/2 C Water
  • oil, as much as is necessary
  • 1-2Tbs fruit or vegetable, well-mashed
  • 1-2Tbs oat mix 
To Make:  Bring water to a boil and pour over the calendula and Chamomile flowers.  Cover and set aside.  Mash the fruit or vegetable, add 1 tbsp oil.  Strain out the liquid from the flowers and add them to the carrot and oil.  Mix thoroughly and add the oat mix.  If you have a blender, blend it finely.  The texture can be changed with the addition of oil; add a bit to make a smooth cream for dry skin; if you have oily skin just add enough oil to blend these ingredients or you could use aloe gel. Makes 1-2 masks.

To Use: Wash face.  Steam face for 5 mins.  Apply a thick layer of the Mask to the face in smooth upward motions.  Rest with your head tilted back slightly, leave the mask on for 15 minutes.  Wipe it off with face pad, rinse with warm water and then close your pores with a refreshing cold water rinse. Apply toner to remove any residue.

Remember that organic produce is best and when using water use distilled water. To find out how to control garden bugs on your fruit, vegetables and herbs visit our safe pest control blog  

Also to know how to wash your produce from supermarkets visit our 
health blog 

We wish you the best with these recipes and ingredients and most of all have fun making them yourself.  Share this with family and friends so they too can have chemical free skincare readily available.

Thank You For Reading

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