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How Thoughts Affect Our Life

“The head is made of stars, but not yet arranged into constellations” - Elias Canetti

Understanding the conscious and the subconscious mind is the key to unlocking most doors when it comes to the mind. We will give you a brief introduction to these fundamental parts of the brain.

Subconscious/Unconscious mind
This area of the brain controls actions we do not have to think about such as heart rate, blinking, blood pressure, tissue growth, cell regeneration, immune system and so on. It is where our thoughts, memories and accumulated experiences reside. It controls our emotions, our habits and our response to the world. In many ways it creates the world we see.

The sub/unconscious mind handles about two million bits of information every second, the conscious deals with about seven. The world you are aware of has been bought to your conscious attention from the unconscious.
The sub/unconscious mind is more accepting, does not know the difference between imagined and real and can be easily influenced. It is basically in charge.

Conscious mind
Is the part you may think of as you, it’s the part we tend to live in. That little voice you hear, it may be talking now, is the conscious. The conscious mind is more logical, critical and analytical, it is constantly making judgements.

For example-

Say you have a smoking habit and someone tells you” You should give up, it’s a terrible habit and bad for your health” your conscious mind is more likely to come up with rational reasons as to why you should keep on smoking. Even though you may accept you should give up and it’s bad for your health, your conscious mind is not the part that is keeping the habit in place. The sub/unconscious is.

Once you start smoking for different reasons such as feeling cool and grown up in teen years, smoking to lose weight or to pass the time, for whatever reason you started your sub/unconscious mind becomes convinced that smoking is serving you a purpose and is good for you. This is the same with fear and negative thinking.

So the basic trick is to retrain the sub/unconscious to affect our conscious. Before we move onto how you do that we will explain a little on how the sub/unconscious becomes trained or conditioned.

How we become conditioned

The mind can be a complex place depending on the conditioning we had when growing up. By conditioning we mean the family we grew up with has a major impact on the way we think and how we perceive the world. Like the saying goes "monkey see, monkey do" Some people will call us crazy for saying that because we are all different but as children our mind is like a sponge and what older people tell us can have a long term effect.

The subconscious retains a heap of information when we are growing and can result in the person we become in adult life.

For example if we grew up with negative parents who did not show love, most of the time when we reach adulthood we find ourselves to be just like them, without even realising. The same goes for positive parents, with positive parents we tend to grow in a different way and can believe the world to be a great place and that we can get what we want.

Our conditioning can come from outside sources as well. Sources such as TV and movies which are make believe and not real, but sometimes we can put a great deal of thought into being like people on TV. May even think we have a crap life compared to the perfect people on TV. TV and movies are a planed out story, everyone looking their best with set words to say, none of that is real (except for true stories). One great example of how movies can condition us is Cinderella.

A girl who had to live with her mean step mother and nasty step sisters. Her only friends were the animals and she was kept as a slave. One night a fairy godmother appears and turns her into a beautiful women ready to go to the ball. There she meets prince charming who comes to rescue her from the evil family and they live happily ever after.

Now a story like that can make our mind think that one day we will be rescued from our horrible life by someone else. This is not true, people can support you but cannot save or fix you. 

Other sources of conditioning can come from friends, school, and religion. As children, like we said before, our mind is like a sponge and it keeps those thoughts deep within our sub/unconscious and they turn into beliefs.

We can end up living in fear and thinking negative all the time, have low self esteem, low confidence, wanting to break the rules, and even think life just sucks.

Extremely bad events that have happened in our life can cause trauma to our emotions and our beliefs, if this has happened to you it is wise to seek some professional help.

Our mind can block alot of thoughts that trigger negative emotions and stop us from remembering what it was or is that is stopping us. If we are unable to find that thought or pattern of thinking it would be difficult to change it. 

How negativity and fear can hold us back

Think of our brains has having a GPS system, we come up with a plan, idea or thought and that message is sent to our GPS system. The GPS then sets out the best way to reach that goal. On the way to make it happen it can stumble across alot of traffic when it has to get past our thoughts and beliefs.

Negative thought can come from old memories, past conditioning, bad events and so on. In most cases negative thought triggers fear, a fear that is holding us back from continuing to reach for our goal.

It can often feel like a jail cell, the cell being the fear and the bars being the negative thought that is keeping us locked in there. The goal often is just outside but how do we open that door?

Only we can unlock the door.  No one else can do it for us. We only have to look within.

Fear and denial are our enemies, they block our GPS from continuing on the journey and reaching our goal.

When the GPS gets stuck for too long it starts to find another way out so it starts to tune into what we are thinking to see which way to go.  Once it tunes into our negative thought or fear is starts to head in the direction of that.

Here is another example 
Let’s say we have 10 units in our brain and 7 units are focused on our fears, our GPS will start to head towards our fears. 3 positives simply cannot take over the 7 fears. This is where the “you are what you think” phrases comes in, whatever we focus on will become reality. 

We can eliminate fears and negative conditioning by retraining our brain. We are the masters of our thoughts not the other way around.


The great discovery about the mind is that we are in charge of it, as opposed to the mind being in charge of us. We are able to use the power of the mind to achieve great things and create a life we are happy with.

One of the most positive choices we can make is to do what is right for us and learn what we need to become independent and let our mind work for us. Sometimes the rules, fears, and guidelines we grew up with become a major restriction in our life and can stop us from making progress.

We know from firsthand experience how negativity can affect our life and only wish to share what we know with you so you can start to sustain your life by creating a better internal world.

Here are some great people who may be able to assist you on your journey, they can share some effective techniques to understand and find those fears and thoughts to replace.

1. Fist up we will suggest Teymara Antonio Wright. She is a fantastic person who is dedicated to supporting you through major life change, she has a specialty in dealing with youth and trauma. We have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with her on numerous occasions.

Teymara runs a program called Born To Be Free, which Steve and myself have done twice.
Added to that she conducts two other seminars Manifesting and Empowering Women. Born To Be Free provides you with the opportunity to become aware of your negative psychology and transforms it into positive. Supporting you to transform your relationship with yourself and others! 
You can visit her website Here is a short video about Teymara and the born to be free program.

2. Second we will suggest Richard Waterman who is also dedicated to giving you tools to create a happier life. I (Shannon) am a current participant in his program and find it very useful in having the hands on approach to changing my life. His program is based online and you are able to access it anywhere in the world. You can find his details here, you can also access one of his free videos through our secret to happiness blog

3. Last up is Richard Lindesay. Richard's methods include managing stress and anxiety, getting more productive, and enjoying work. He is coming to practice in Australia sometime this year and has a fantastic website and blog where you can get tips and advice to better your life. You can find his details here

As an extra, but we have not done his program, is world renowned 
Tony Robbins. We have heard many times that once you deal with this guy his program changes your life! 

We wish you strength and support on your journey to discover the real you, take care and stay positive!

Thank You
Sustain Your Life

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