Friday, 11 May 2012

All About Water. Part 4

Water Saving & Reuse

As you know I have done three past blogs about water and this is to be the final one. 

Below is a list of actions and tips for reducing water use in the home. 

It can save you money and if you love your garden having more water for it will be wonderful.

In the Home

  • Fill a bowl or sink to shave when washing your face
  • Use a cup of water for brushing your teeth
  • Capture warm up water in kitchen
  • Fill sink to wash and rinse dishes rather than running water
  • Use one cup per day to drink out of, or use one for tea & coffee and one for water
  • Wash your dishes once a day
  • Reuse plates and bowls that are not that dirty
  • Wash clothes with full loads
  • Consider hand washing some clothes with minimal water
  • Using liquid washing detergent instead of powder is safer for our waterways and easier to treat
  • Insulate hot water pipes
  • Monitor your water bill and stick to the 155 litre per person per day
  • By choosing natural cleaning and personal care products, you reduce the amount of chemicals entering our waterways and affecting wildlife.

In the Garden

  • Keep a bowl or jug in the sink and use captured water for watering plants
  • Use grey water for your garden
  • Install rainwater tanks or use tubs to capture rain water from your roof
  • Divert water from spouting for use in your garden
  • Use drip irrigation for the garden
  • Give plants a deep water less often
  • Avoid watering on rainy days
  • Use bucket of water to wash your car and windows
  • Best to water plants in the morning and not in the heat of the day
  • Try to eliminate grass areas with water resistant plants
  • Plant in groups and group pots together
  • Using mulch help retain more water
  • Aerate compact soil in the garden
  • Avoid using fountains in the garden
  • Ponds work best in shady areas
  • Use fish tank water on your plants
  • By choosing natural plant based products, you reduce the amount of chemicals contaminating our land and affecting wildlife or us.

There you have it, loads of water saving and reuse ideas!

Make sure you take some action!

Thank You

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