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Sustain Your Health Inside-Out

Our health is our greatest asset and eating vitamin rich foods can aid in healthy mind, body, skin, hair, and nails. 

The vitamins get to work in various parts of the body, which gives you more vitality.

One of the natural wonders of nature is that everything flows with teamwork. Each vitamin assists the next so by combining ingredients together, they act as a team to keep you fighting fit.

Having a balanced diet consisting of foods from the good old food pyramid helps our overall health, and our wallets, when you compare take-out to preparing it yourself. 

Plan to eat a variety of the moderate to most food groups, with the combination of herbs and dressings to boost the teamwork process.

Buying organic produce keeps down chemical and pesticide consumption and can assist local growers and farmers.  Take a look at benefits from eating organic

Buying local produce also reduce carbon emissions.  Search local community news to find local growers and farmers. 

A balanced diet generally contains all the vitamins and minerals a person needs. If illness or any other circumstance prevents you from absorbing enough vitamins or minerals your doctor will prescribe supplements in the appropriate dosage.
     Vitamin                                        Benefits

A - sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, carrots, apricots, pumpkin.

Maintains the health of the skin, assists eyesight

Bs - Whole grains, poultry, beans, green leafy vegetables, potatoes 

Assists energy levels and aids brain chemical balance.                                            

C - Citrus juice, cantaloupe, Pepper/capsicum, strawberries, potatoes and kiwifruit      

Keeps joints lubricated, builds strong gums, teeth and bones, guards against infection.

D - Sunshine, milk, fish oil, herring, mackerel, salmon, tuna, cheese, eggs.

Builds strong bones and teeth.

E – Wheatgerm oil, sunflower seeds almonds, pecans, hazelnuts.  

Heals dry skin, protects hair from dryness, and slows down cellular aging.


Iron - lean beef, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, dark poultry meat.

Prevents: anaemia, brittle nails, hair loss, pale lips and skin.

Calcium - Skim milk, yogurt, cheese, salmon, tofu, broccoli, calcium carbonate.

Builds strong bones, preserves posture, protects against tooth decay.

Zinc - Lean beef, lamb, liver, turkey, pumpkin seeds, beans, shellfish

Keeps hair and scalp healthy, clear complexion, and fights body odour.

Potassiumavocados, seeds, nuts, citrus fruit

Keeps heartbeat regular and essential for the nervous system

To find out more on health and nutrition click on this link

A easy way to make sure you get a variety of fruit and vegetables in your diet is to make juices. They are quick and convenient

Always wash fruit, herbs, and vegetables well before consumption.
Add 1tbsp lemon juice or vinegar to the water you are washing produce in to purify the water and wash off any pesticide residue.

Water is important to our overall health to learn more visit our water blogs

All about water part 2

Always remember that a healthy glow comes from within!

Grow Your Own

Better yet, where you can, grow your own.  

In Melbourne(Aus) the community can help just click on this link to find out how - Permablitz  "fantastic"

Learn how to start a vegetable patch, visit our garden starters to learn more

Learn how to grow herbs, visit our easy herbs blog 

Ask yourself these quick questions
  • Am I sustaining my health for the future?
  • Am I treating myself well? getting enough sleep, eating healthy, getting regular exercise 
  • Do I care what goes into my body? chemicals, artificial ingredients
  • Do I have loads of energy? 
  • Do I give myself time to relax?

If you answer no to any of these questions they have shone a light in the area of your health that needs some attention. 

Here is an idea- simply start to swap them to a yes!
  • I care about my health and sustain it for the future
  • I am aware of what goes into my body
  • I give myself time to relax and enjoy my surroundings
  • I have loads of energy because I eat healthy, get enough sleep and adequate exercise
  • I keep my body healthy so I can do the work I need to in this world 

Note down some reasons why and some actions you can take towards incorporating good health into your life. Make a commitment TODAY to care about your health and sustain it for the future, the environment is depending on you!

"The first step to wealth is health"

Starting this week, be more aware of what you are eating. When you are preparing food, or having take-out, think of what type of vitamins it will give your body and how the vitamin will benefit your body.

Use the chart above to start or if you have a more in depth chart use that. We encourage you to do some research, you may find that you want to feed your body more healthy food once you are more aware.

You may be interested in food for your skin where you can use food to nourish your skin.

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