Thursday, 12 April 2012

Garden Starters - Create a Vegetable Or Herb Patch

Starting a Vegetable or Herb Patch 
By guest author Stacey Stanfield

Welcome everybody! We have begun this in order to 'help' or 'assist' each other in many forms. Everybody is open to give their opinion and a general question can be asked by any of you about our posts. Our full intention is to save money, live happy and also think positively.

I love growing my own vegetables! I thoroughly enjoy planting them, tending to them as they grow, harvesting them and finally eating them! The ending result being a large savings of money! The problem for most people is, they are unsure on how to prepare and start a garden from the beginning, so I will start this off with basic instructions on how to mark and prepare your patch.

There a several ways to grow vegetables, being punnets (to begin them), pots, patches and raised garden beds.

Today I will explain Vegetable Patches. Everything I write will only revolve around Organic Gardening as we don't believe in harming any of nature's creatures at all.(even though snails are really annoying)

  • To begin, you need to find a suitable area in your yard and ensure it is an area that gets shade in both the morning and afternoon, but full sun throughout the day. 
  • After you have picked your spot, think about the size you would like it and line the edges of it to make a border.
  • Moisten the area and use a pitchfork to loosen the dirt at least twice, watering after the first time, then again after. You need to dig to the depth of a shovel and a half about 45-50 cm. 
  • Watering yet again the next day will help any dry dirt that has become water repellent to become fertile again especially when digging in items such as compost, Manure and Blood and Bone (which will make the soil extra fertile for planting in)

Compost is basically a mound of left over vegetable or fruit scraps that you preserve in a confined space, such as a bin for about 2 weeks. This will attract worms which will ensure a great batch of vegetables also! 

After shoveling all of these through your dirt, apply some water yet again and CONGRATULATIONS! You have achieved the start of your Vegetable Patch!

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Thank you again and may you all learn how to "Sustain Your Garden"
Stacey and Sustain Your Life


  1. Anonymous4/12/2012

    This is great, thank you - we are attempting our first vegetable patch soon so this has been very helpful, especially turning the ground over a few times while adding manure, blood and bone or compost with the watering. Great tips thanks so much.

    1. This is Stacey. Thankyou for your comment. I'm pleased to know my advice is helping. I will soon be providing a month by month vegetable planting guide and hope that will assist you further.


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