Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Food For Your Skin

Waste not, want not
Food is beneficial to both your insides when eaten, and your outside when applied to the skin.  These foods can be used as a mask or scrub for your face, hands, and body.  Rinse masks off after 5-10 minutes.

Oily skin
Mashed potato(cooled)
Veggie mash (cooled)
Cooked oats (cooled)
Oat milk 
Cider vinegar and water- use as toner  
Herbal teas 

Dry skin
Bananas and organic cream
Filter coffee (cooled)
Olive oil and honey
Mashed strawberries and plain natural yoghurt

Cut a grape in half and rub under eyes for a firming and toning gel.
(All skin types)

Food for your hair
Not only can you use food on your skin but also your hair.

Egg shampoo   
Dry hair- one egg yolk and warm water
Oily hair- one egg white and warm water
Massage through hair, leave 5-10 mins then wash out with warm water.
Do not use hot water as this will cook the egg.

Beer or vinegar
Use for a good hair rinse after egg shampoo 
Mix 2-4 tbsp to 1ltr water, this adds volume, shine and cleans any product build up.

Sugar hair spray 
20gm sugar
80ml warm water
Put into spray bottle and shake until sugar has dissolved.

Important Patch test
Step 1-Try out a small amount of each product at different times either behind your ear or side of neck for face products, on wrist for hand products and on ankle for foot products. This area must not be washed for this period.
Step 2- Wait 24 hours and if no sign of itching, redness or swelling occurs during this time, it should be safe for you to use. If you do get a reaction, wash off straight away and discontinue use.  

To find out more on natural skincare

Try out some of the ideas and let us know how you go.

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