Monday, 19 March 2012

Detox Your Land

The typical garden shed has enough chemicals to harm yourself, your land and and even the neighbors land. A good place to start on cleaning your environment is in your own backyard. If you have pets in your yard you could be exposing them to harmful toxins which can affect their long term health. 

 Here are some simple steps you can take to first assess your land and find what may be harmful, then figure out how to dispose of it thoughtfully.

The three common areas to look at are

1.The shed/garage
Get into your shed and clean out any old cans and tins that may be harmful. If you have products that you need, look for safer solutions. We will be doing research on some alternative products for the garden shed in upcoming posts

2.The yard

Clear out your yard of any unwanted and unused materials, weed out dark corners. Inspect your yard for safety.Be sure to get rid of poisonous plants from your garden.

This is where you look for places to drop of your rubbish, or see if it can be recycled

What type of toxins and waste can be found around the home?

Chemicals may be in the form of pesticides, fungicides, paint, wood treatment. Lists of dangerous chemicals in Australia can be found here.

As the list is quite long many concerned parties ask why, if they are so dangerous, are they are on sale at all- especially when they are banned from other countries.I can not answer that for you but if you are concerned talk to these guys

If you are buying chemicals read the labels carefully and request a Material Safety Data Sheet from the manufacturer. Try to just buy enough for the task at hand and give extra away to friends or family that could use it, that way you do not have to store it away.

Ware protective gear when working with chemicals such as gloves and goggles. Always follow instructions on the labels, store chemicals in a safe place away from pets and children.
Dispose of chemicals thoughtfully and appropriately, it may be good that you are clearing your land so do not contaminate the greater land through thoughtless disposal.  

Never tip chemicals or solvents down the drain as they can end up in major waterways and can block your pipes.

You do not need to use chemicals when there are healthier options to choose from. You can make your own safe fungicide, pesticides,and other various products. Visit our safe pest control for your garden

Visit here to find somewhere close to dispose of these items
Mobile collection
Waste facilities

Other thing that you may find around your yard

Furniture, toys, clothes

Donate your unwanted clothes, books, toys, magazines and furniture to charity organisations. These items will be distributed or sold to raise funds for people in need.
Oils, metal, aluminium, car parts, various broken items

Waste facilities

This site covers all states in Australia.

Tools, bikes, etc

If still in working order donate your unwanted clothes, books, toys, magazines and furniture to charity organisations.

Garden waste

Look out for your local council pick up, usually every fortnight, hire a gardener.

The rate of TV dumping is very high. With plasma, and LCD TV our old favorite is getting dumped on the side of the road, literally. This concerns me the most as TV's do not break down into nature, they contaminate it. There are places out there that will happily accept your TV and they dispose of it thoughtfully. Think twice before dumping and click here

Green waste and gardening
You can put a majority of green waste in your compost or call your local council to find out the dates for curb side collection. Be sure to get rid of poisonous plants from your garden and start to practice organic gardening. Visit our safe pest control for your garden

These two places you can list your stuff for free for people to take and even barter. Another persons trash can be another person treasure. You do not have to by new when there are places like this.   

Extra actions to take
  • Borrow, hire or lease items when you can instead of always purchasing new items.  
  • Put a no junk mail sticker on your letter box, use the internet to look at catalogues and newspapers.

For more information visit here
Waste Wise

Take as many actions as you can to assist your home in being a healthy place. Inform yourself through the links above and let us know how you go.

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