Saturday, 24 March 2012

Just Be Yourself

Don't let what others say get to you!

There may be some people who are in your life, that no matter what you do find fault in what you do. These people can even be your family and friends, which are supposed to be important and support what you do.  
Most of us tend to worry about what other people think too much. In business you are told to act accordingly for the company, at home we have to act accordingly for our family and the same with friends. 

During most of our life we have to act out instead of be who we are, I have wasted so much time on the former instead of the later and wish all that read this to do the later. Be who you are!

This is who I am and not afraid to show it (now).  

One of the sadder factors of doing what you want and believe is that some will envy it because they themselves are not doing so.  Out of nowhere, they might jump in and try to bring you back to their level by saying negative words or using negative body language. Do not fall for it, see it for what it is and keep up your good work (that is if it's good work)

I am no doctor or therapist but I have experienced the above and if I let what they thought into my thoughts this blog would not be here today.  

Although if what you are doing is hurting others, it may be time to re - evaluate yourself. Some negative criticism can be helpful if it helps us grow, and with true growth comes the confidence to be yourself. 

Confidence is a wonderful tool to use in life, confidence attracts other confident people into your life, but that is where it can pose a problem with current people in your life. 

When you change or grow those around you have a choice to do the same but some will not, they will stay in their comfort zone and want to keep you there too. It may even be your best mate, you can get along with them but never lower yourself to the level of other people just to let them feel better about themselves. 

An opinion is just an opinion and if you read the last mind blog, we are entitled to that but we do not have to follow it.  It's healthy to be who we are not what others want us to be.  Always remembering the three R’s.

This way we not only sustain our life but we sustain our souls, our true selves.

Do something you thought impossible, something your mates or family said was unreachable and show them who you are, your soul is counting on it!

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  1. Anonymous4/12/2012

    I love this post article because it is a very positive, uplifting, true message. Thank you so much.

  2. This is such an important concept and philosophy for life. It's sometimes easy to lose ourselves, when we are too concerned with pleasing others or not wanting to "rock the boat".
    However when we remain true to our values and beliefs and find ways to communicate clearly and diplomatically - we empower ourselves to "Be" who we truly are , and that is enriching to us and to those around us- as they then realise they have permission to "be" themselves.

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    1. We are glad you found this useful Nomiki and thank you for reading.


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