Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Importance of a Positive Attitude

Your Attitude
is your destiny

We can all get lost in this big wide world and sometimes forget that life is to be enjoyed.  We can get carried away with the hustle and bustle of life and forget where we were headed in the first place. Stress can jump in, lack of sleep, not eating well or eating too much, all of this affects our health both physically and mentally. 

Our vitality can drop and so can our thoughts, then our thoughts can start to turn negative and work against us.   
Our thoughts become who we are and who we are depends on our attitude towards life.

Sometimes our thoughts do not match who and what we want to be or become and that’s where the conflict lies.  We must believe it before we can achieve it.  We can always change our thoughts if we choose and the trick is to match your belief to your thought. We can go around all we want and state “I am beautiful” “I am wealthy” “I am healthy” but if we do not believe it the chances of it manifesting in our life are quite low.

For example setting a goal of – “I want to lose weight”

Negative thought - that will never happen, it runs in the family, I can’t do it!

You have just told yourself, before you have even started, that it won’t happen.  Moreover, it won’t if you keep this train of thinking.

Positive thought – I can take more notice of what I eat, I can start to go for walks in the morning, I can ask a family member to join me so we can support each other, I can join a gym etc

With the positive train of thought, we are more able to believe it and then take confident steps achieve it.

Take small steps to achieve your big goal. Give yourself simple suggestions that can be done and you can control. We may not be able to control the world but we can control our thoughts and reactions.

Your character will determine where you get in life.

Here are three important and fundamental beliefs to assist us in living the life we want.  Follow the three R’s today and every day.

1. Respect for self
This can mean different things to many people but our basic understanding of this is to like yourself so much you don’t want to harm yourself. To be your own friend and treat yourself well.  Most of us don’t want to disrespect or hurt someone we like or love and that is the feeling we must have for ourselves.

2. Respect for others
We are different people on the same path, our desires are so common to the next person that the only things which differentiates us is habit and perception. We all perceive the world in our own way, and it is our right to do so. If we were all the same earth would be a pretty boring place. Embrace what is different it can help your world expand.

In respecting others we respect ourselves. 

3. Responsibility for all your actions
This is an area that alot of people struggle in.  Being responsible for our actions can be easier said than done. Being responsible means throwing in the blame game, it is easier to blame someone than admit you are wrong. It is not the bus drivers fault if we miss the bus, it is ours for not getting there on time.  It is not TV or school that makes our kids undisciplined, it is our responsibly to monitor what they do and learn.  If you respect yourself, and others, enough this can be an easy task.  

If you would like to know more about our thought patterns visit

A good book is  
The Body is the Barometer of the Soul, Annette Noontill

Think about what the three R’s mean to you, how you can adopt them into your life, and what type of results you would gain through following them. Leave a comment about it, we would like to know what they mean to you and how they are of benefit in your life.

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