Monday, 19 March 2012

9 Ways To Practice Sustainability at Work

Being Sustainable Employee

There are many actions you can take at work to help establish a healthier environment. If you are going to practice being sustainable at home, you might as well take it to work with you. Most people go off to work without even realising they can still practice being sustainable, just follow these nine simple steps to get you on your way.

1. Computer/TV
Avoid leaving appliances on standby, switch off at the wall.
Ensure TVs and PC are switched off at the wall when not in use, or just turn off the screens when away from the computer or TV.
Keep all electrical appliances clean and well ventilated.
Regularly clean and maintain appliances that are in frequently use, for faulty electrics consult a professional and staff management.
Purchase a laptop opposed to a desktop PC, laptops are 80%more efficient than a PC.


2. Printing and Paper
Print both sides of all printouts.
Using recycled paper and toilet paper, suggest to management if they don’t already.

3. No plastics
Take your own cup/ bottle for drinks.

4. Be more purchase aware
You can be more purchase aware my taking note of smaller things like packaging, think-
Do I need a plastic bag?  
Am I supporting local business?
Is this food an healthy option?  
Can I eat in instead of getting take away packaging?

5. Recycle products accordingly

6. Transport
Walk or ride your bike.
Service your car regularly a well tuned car uses up to 15 % less fuel.
Catch transport, instead of driving to meet people communicate via email txt or phone.

7. Light
Adjust your north facing curtains to maximise your natural light.
Use the natural light outside to brighten you rooms, try to cut down lights during the day.

8. Think healthy
Always keep a positive mind, it makes the time go faster.

9. Bigger change
As the involvement of organisational staff will be essential in ensuring that bigger changes are made there is an option of establishing a green team with your work colleagues.  Green teams are about coming together and raising ideas on how to best become sustainable, then approaching management staff with strong evidence to support changes.  To find out more on green teams visit here - Green Teams

We will be blogging about starting a green team at work soon, so stay tuned.

So there you have it, even though you work for another company that may even be environment unfriendly, you can still take action to better your environment.

Start to practice some of these ideas and see how many you can adopt.  Let us know how you go!

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