Saturday, 15 March 2014

Create a Vision to Attract What You Desire

Hello everyone, sorry we have been a little quiet around here but we have some big changes happening in our world that we are very excited about. 

We have just been offered a dream home 
to live in!!

Going back a few years Steve and I drew up a plan for our dream home with all the requirements for our life to be happy. We drew up a plan that included the size of the land, how many rooms, a great big workshed, enough room for my mother to come and live with us and loads of nature. We even drew up that our front yard was to have two driveways with a little round about right at the front door.

Over the past couple of years we have had our ups and downs, learning curves and alot of negative thoughts and beliefs to replace. During this time our dream home plans sat in a cupboard and we very rarely took it out to vision upon.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Decorate Your Home The Eco Friendly Way

When it comes to decorating your home there are many, many options to choose from and many choices to make.

A few years ago I wanted to decorate my home as it was not feeling like a home and decided to start looking around at what I liked. I gathered a heap of different ideas but ended up overwhelmed and never finished what I started. 

In recent years I have looked around at Eco Decor and Sustainable Furnishings. Once I opened up to the possibilities I found choosing what I wanted and getting it done a whole lot easier.

It's a pretty simple and easy approach when you do it the Eco friendly way and we will go through it in this post.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

This Thing Called Love, Do You Feel It?

A fair few years back when my children were very young, I was doing some personal development and stumbled across a thing called love. I had been around in this world for 25 years at the time, and was well aware what this thing was, at least I thought I did. 

Part of this personal development work was allowing love into my life and figuring out what love was. I thought “yep, easy, I know what that is and I let it in” after all I had a family which I loved. 

I was never girly girl and didn't draw love hearts or dance around in princess clothes, I was more about tough love, the kind that said “suck it up princess and let’s jump off the top off the roof” so it’s safe to say I was very confident going into this love thing.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Step-By-Step DIY Facial

The other week when my family and I were doing some yearly planning I come up with the thought of having home pamper treatments with my daughter (now a flourishing teen) as a way of having special time with her.

So I thought I'd share some simple steps that you can follow at home if you would like to pamper yourself using the facial products in our previous posts.

We all deserve to be pampered by a professional from time time to time, but if you are low on cash or don't want to leave your home, just do it yourself!

It can also be an opportunity to spend time with other family members, you can invite them over for a natural skincare party were you make your own products and take turns to pamper each other.

Anyway let's get on to the facial.